All visitors must report to the General Office and sign in to receive Visitor’s Pass – those receiving visitors must ensure this occurs. Parents are most welcome to visit the College, and to speak with teachers through an agreed appointment with the member of staff. This can be arranged through student or by telephoning or emailing TC or the member of staff.

Invitations for guest speakers and community workers must have explicit agreement from Assistant Principal, Sally Holloway; Operations must be able incorporate visitors in a manner that provides for a suitably high-quality experience. Additionally, the General Office must be informed of any visitor’s arrival date and time.

Ex-students are welcome to visit the College to see staff and students. However, it is best for these visits to be prearranged. Visitors should report or be accompanied to the General Office where the Principal or an Assistant Principal will meet them to confirm any arrangements.

Any uninvited/unwelcome visitors must be directed, and escorted, to the General Office if they wish to speak to students/staff. Any persons, without a legitimate reason to be present at TC must be invited to leave. Staff identifying such persons must also inform the Principal Class

If in any doubt, general advice is: refer all visitors (welcome or not) to the General Office, and inform the Principal Class.