All staff are available through to contact through email. Should contact be made with staff but no response heard back within two school days, contact can be sought with an Assistant Principal if appropriate. The General Office is also available by telephone on 9850 6333 and able to direct a query.

Daily Absences

This document contains notice of all staff who have reported being away for the day and shows who is covering classes.  Excursions, assemblies, room changes and changes to the normal running of the day are listed on this document. This sheet is displayed in the RC on the notice board and emailed out to staff.

Daily Bulletin

The link to this is emailed each morning to all staff and students.  All staff can assess the bulletin to put notices on through the staff portal.  Students wanting notices put in should see their Connect Mentor or Head of House. 

Next Week @TC

Weekly email sent by Peter Ellis with the latest news and upcoming events. This can be viewed on the website and is also emailed to the whole community.


The Newsletter is published by the Resource Centre Manager, Sophie Hoptroff. Staff and Students supply articles and pictures for excursions, sporting teams or special events. All items for the newsletter should be submitted as soon as possible with accompanying photographs.

PA Announcements

There is a microphone in the General Office, which is to be used in emergencies for making announcements.  Such announcements on the Public Address system are kept to a minimum and permission needs to be sought from an Assistant Principal. A preferred method of communicating with students will be through SMS.