Connect is a program that combines learning and wellbeing. Its aim is to engage and connect all students to their peers, within and across a community, creating a feeling of support and connectedness with the school and to one another. Connect time will support and engage all students to ultimately take control of their learning within a non-standard curriculum-based space, working with Group Mentors, Heads of House and Leading Teachers to co-create an a highly relational learning environment.

Connect learning will integrate the development of each student around personal, social and health education. Additionally, it will integrate the development of general capabilities and real-life work skills for each student and provide multiple and ongoing leadership opportunities for students with in a group, between groups and across a community, as is developmentally suitable, informed and agreed.

The main purposes of the Connect learning is to (ultimately):

  • Form highly relational learning experiences through a continuously refined process of intra and inter-group/House/Community collaboration

  • Co-create student and staff leadership opportunities and their capacity to lead

  • Co-develop students’ competencies by acquiring nominated and agreed general capabilities, real-world learning and real-world skills to prepare students for the next phase of their life

  • Support and enable connectedness between students, staff and community