Our Philosophy, Our School

Most schools have a philosophy, but we are a philosophy that has a school.

Our philosophy is based on the concept that students have far greater skills and abilities than they are generally given credit for and with the support and guidance of parents and staff, they have the ability to manage their own education. 

@TC students have the freedom to explore their own passions and interests in depth and this personal agency leads to exceptional levels of engagement and achievement.

@TC our vision is to co-create high quality learning experiences within an inclusive and supportive community.

Whilst our vision is pure, we also acknowledge our humanness, and so continually strive, individually and collectively, to bring the school ever closer to the vision.


TC 2018 - 2021 - Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is a set of ideals, standards and beliefs used to guide our school.

@TC we believe…

  • Learning is an exciting, lifelong journey, where the challenge is to discover and pursue our passions, which contribute to the greater good.
  • We each have our own strengths and talents and work best when we are happy and able to follow and explore our passions and interests.
  • All people will be treated equally regardless of the position they hold and are entitled to be treated with respect and shown trust, which will grow or diminish based on our actions. We call this the One-person Policy.
  • TC has a community focus, where students feel known and cared for, celebrated for who they are and supported by all members of the community in their learning.
  • At TC we do not just accept diversity and difference, we celebrate it. Everyone has the right to a safe place where they can feel supported and celebrated for being themselves.
  • People achieve more when they are empowered. If any student, staff member or parent has a suggestion the answer has to be “YES”, unless it takes too much time, too much money, or negatively impacts on someone else. This is called the “Yes is the default Policy”
  • Ensuring a positive learning environment is essential for students to reach their potential.
  • Parents and carers can be a young person’s greatest supporters and we want and value their contribution. Staff and parents/carers need to ensure that they allow students the room to develop and practise their independence.
  • Community is important and we all have an individual and collective responsibility to make it work.
  • Innovative education should be developed collaboratively around evidence-based research and high quality student learning data.
  • An entrepreneurial mindset and entrepreneurial skills are valuable and transferable through all aspects of life. This mindset is vital to be able to participate in the rapidly changing world that we live in, now and in the future.
  • Every student benefits from having a detailed individual learning plan.
  • With support and accurate information, students are capable of making appropriate decisions in their own best interests.
  • Young people have brilliant ideas and can do amazing things. We will not let age be a restricting factor in giving young people the opportunity to display this. Young people have far more capacity than the traditional educational system gives them credit for.
  • Students should contribute significantly to the decision making process and operation of their school, as well as making a genuine contribution to their community.
  • It is important to measure growth and individual wellbeing, as well as achievement. This growth should be across a range of areas and measure not just literacy and numeracy.
  • Education is not just about preparing for a changing future, but instead engaging with the world in meaningful ways each day. Young people have a far greater global reach than previous generations and should take advantage of this, to not only benefit themselves, but to benefit others.