College Council

The College Council is the governing body of the College.  The Council is composed of six parent representatives, five staff representatives (including the Principal) and four co-opted members, making a total of 15 members.

College Council meetings are open to members of the College community.  Any parent/guardians of students in the College wishing to attend are requested to inform the College prior to attendance.  Council Meetings are held once a month on a Thursday evening. 

College council’s objectives are to: 

  • assist in the efficient governance of the school

  • ensure that its decisions affecting students of the school are made having regard, as a primary consideration, to the best interests  of the students

  • enhance the educational opportunities of the students of the school

  • ensure the school and the council comply with any requirements of the Education and Training Reform 2006 Act, the regulations, a Ministerial Order or a direction, guideline or policy issued under the Act.