Our Vision TC2018-2021: To co-creaet high quality learning experiences within an inclusive and supportive community
— TC2018-2021

Staff Vacancies & Volunteers

All vacancies are advertised on Recruitment Online. Applications should be made through Recruitment Online, but those experiencing technical difficulties can send an electronic copy to the school. 
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What do we look for in staff?

This information applies to both teaching and non-teaching staff. We have a "One Person" policy at TC, and value and respect all staff equally regardless of their role. No matter if you are a student in the Entry Class or are the Principal, we believe that we are all of equal worth. Each of us has hopes, dreams, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses. Whether teaching or support staff we all work towards achieving the one school vision.

We value highly skilled staff who are experts within their field, but we also value those who may be new to teaching or their area of expertise who have a wealth of prior experiences, or are young and have a burning passion to help other young people grow and develop as learners.

We value flexibility in staff, particularly those who can contribute their talents in a range of areas across the school, inside and outside the classroom. Currently we are interested in staff who have specialist skills in the following areas;

If you think you might be suited to the school then we would encourage you to make contact, preferably by email initially. You may want to attach a brief CV. What we do want to know, is about your creativity and passion for educating young people. We do have a lot of people both teaching and non-teaching who have registered their interest in working at our school, so please don't be upset if your enquiry does not result in an immediate job at TC.

What we also want to do is provide moral and professional support to all creative and dynamic teachers to make a difference in their existing schools as well.

The qualities we are looking for in our staff include, but are not limited to:

  • A demonstrated passion and ability to help young people achieve their goals

  • Creativity in your approach to education

  • Being a good role model as a life-long learner

  • Highly developed ICT skills and an ability to use these to assist learning

  • An enjoyment for working both inside and outside your own area of expertise

  • Having a broad range of experience, skills and passions

  • Being able to demonstrate how you know when students are making progress

  • Being skilled at motivating students

  • Being adaptable and flexible

Positions Available (14th September): 

We have the following positions available. Should you wish to book into a prospective staff tour of the school, please click on the following link to Try booking: https://www.trybooking.com/YHRW .

Assistant Principal - to Start in 2019

Following on from the very recent appointment of one of our Assistant Principals to a Principal role (starting in term 4), we have an ongoing position for an Assistant Principal starting in 2019.

Over the past 12 months 3 of our Assistant Principals have been appointed to Principal roles, so this is an excellent opportunity to join a team looking to support the community to reach its goals and meet our vision. Our strategic goals can be found on our TC2018-2021 strategic plan (click here to find the page with the file on it).

There is more information available on the role on Recruitment Online, which is the platform that applications need to be submitted through.  For our selection criteria, we are looking for the right person to join our team, and will then redefine the current roles of the Principal Group to meet the strengths of each team member.

Head of House

We are looking for staff to fill our positions of Head of House. This leadership role also has a teaching element to it so anyone interested in this leadership position should indicate this on your covering letter when applying for another teaching role. The Head of House @ TC oversees 100 students, through supporting the 4 house staff that work day to day with these students. At TC there are 12 Heads of House who are supported by our Community Leaders (Leading Teachers). It is intended that through this role, whilst helping the community meet their goals and the school vision, that the Head of House would be developing their own leadership capacity ready to step up to a leading teacher role.

Teaching Positions

We also have the following teaching positions available. These are due various reasons around staff being on Maternity/Paternity leave, staff leaving to join other schools in leadership positions and our growth.

  • 1 x Science Chemistry (Ongoing)

  • 1 x Biology / General Science (Ongoing)

  • 1 x Animals and Technology or Science or Maths (Ongoing)

  • 1 x Physics/Maths (1 Year)

  • English / History (1 year)

  • Curator of Music/Music Teacher (1 year full time)

  • VCAL (0.6 Ongoing)

  • Maths / Science (1 year)

  • 2 x Maths (Ongoing)

  • Drama/English (1 year)

  • PE/Psychology (1 year)

  • PE/Maths (1 year)

  • Health/Psychology (1 year)

  • English (Ongoing)

  • Food Technology Assistant (1 year)

Below is a video from our Principal, Peter Ellis, addressing potential staff members to TC produced in 2017.

Student Teachers & Volunteers

Currently we are taking applications for- 

Permaculture Garden Volunteers 

Permaculture Garden Volunteer Role Description 

Volunteer Application Form

@TC we believe that the more caring and capable adults modelling positive learning behaviours that students are exposed to in their classes, the better. We strongly encourage student teachers to take placements of 6 months in the school. These graduates work in tandem with our own experienced teachers in the delivery of the curriculum and often team teach to provide greater access to expertise and assistance for our students.

All student teachers and volunteers undergo a screening process, including a Working With Children check, and our existing staff always retain the responsibility for the class. Whilst we do not always have an immediate need for the skills offered we are keen to build our bank of volunteers.

Templestowe College Child Safe Standards Recruitment Policy

Templestowe College has rigorous procedures in place in the recruitment and screening process, meeting the child safety requirements for staff selection, supervision and management practices (Clause 10 Ministerial Order No 870). A strong focus of the recruitment and screening process is on child safety- zero tolerance of child abuse, in order to minimise the risk of appointment of a person posing a risk to a child.

When recruiting new staff or volunteers’ consideration is taken to assess the suitability of the applicant based on some the following child safety areas involved in child related work. These being:

·       the candidates motivation for working with children

·       exploration of the candidates understanding of professional boundaries, child safety and prevention

·       relevant, verifiable qualifications, experiences and attributes in relation to child related work

·       having an understanding of the job requirements, duties and responsibilities regarding child safety.

Various recruitment tools, training and supervision are used and provided to all personnel to minimise the risk of child abuse. Opportunities are provided for all employees and volunteers to develop and maintain skills to ensure child safety and enable the consistency of following child safety policies and procedures.

Phase 1-Selection Criteria

Templestowe College will ensure job descriptions and advertisements reflect the child safe standards;

·       our school is committed to child safety. We have a zero tolerance of child abuse. Our recruitment practices are strictly adhered to during the application and interviewing process. Applicants should be aware that we carry out Working with Children, Police records and reference checks to ensure that we are recruiting the right people.

·       all applicants will be provided with a statement through the Department of Education and Trainings Recruitment Online, that sets out clearly the job’s requirements, duties and responsibilities and the essential qualifications, experience and attributes in relation to child safety

·       all applicants will also be informed of the school’s child safety practices, policies including the

Safety Code of Conduct through Recruitment Online

·       advise of rigorous background checks to verify information, including Working with Children Checks, VIT registration, qualifications and online searches

·       behavioural and value based interview questions that will gain an accurate sense of the applicants suitability.

Phase 2- Screening and Background Checks

Templestowe College will make reasonable efforts to gather, verify and record the following information about the applicant:

·       working with Children Check and VIT registrations if applicable

·       at least two forms of identification will be sought e.g. driving licence, passport

·       conduct a background check using online forums such as, but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn,  Google, Instagram, Snap Chat etc

·       sight and keep on record a copy of an original academic transcript of qualifications

·       at least two verbal reference checks with previous employers who can provide insight into the applicant’s skills and character

·       establish from the referees, their relationship to the applicant, specifics of the previous position, capabilities of the applicant and any concerns that they may hold regarding the applicant working with children

Phase 3- Contracts/Inductions

Templestowe College can offer probation contracts, in line with DET guidelines, to new staff members to assess their performance and suitability prior to confirming permanent employment. Probation length can vary and offers an opportunity to set goals and identify training and other support needs.

Employment contracts signed by staff and induction for volunteers and contractors will make clear that proven breaches of school policies, procedures and Codes of Conduct will be regarded seriously.

Our school will also ensure that appropriate support and supervision arrangements are in place for newly appointment staff or volunteers in relation to the induction of new staff into the school’s policies, codes, practices and procedures regarding child safety and monitoring and assessment of employees continuing suitability for the position through yearly performance and development reviews.