“Being active with one’s own hands, having a determined practical aim to reach, is what really gives inner discipline. When the hand perfects itself in a work chosen spontaneously and the will to succeed is born together with the will to overcome difficulties… it is then that something which differs from intellectual learning arises”
— Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori felt that adolescents had a need for head-and-hands work— purposeful and meaningful work that led them towards economic independence. The work has to engage the hands, they need to be active, moving, be physically involved. At the same time they need to be engaging their intellect in the same task, to plan what their activity is, to analyse the best way to carry it out, to test it, use trial and error, reflect upon it and make decisions to move forward to the next task.

Montessori Adolescent Program (MAP)
In 2012, TC began to offer a Montessori Adolescent Program (MAP), based on the teachings of Maria Montessori for students aged 12-15. The program runs alongside the other progressive learning programs offered at TC, as students taking part in the MAP program are considered to be TC students first, who learn in a Montessori style.. We are keen to provide you with detailed information about the MAP program, as we are for all TC activities.

The following syllabus has been designed to give a better understanding of the program offered and the way in which the Montessori curriculum is met. Montessori Educational Syllabus
If you are interested in the program you can also find here an expression of interest form that should be returned to the Montessori Australia Foundation. Expression of Interest Form

If you are interested in the enrolment process for the MAP program at TC please contact
Wendy Harford through WHA@tc.vic.edu.au or by ringing the school.