Student Support Development Program

Our school communities of Blue, Gold and Green are a key part of our wellbeing and learning structure, which works towards ensuring that every student is known, supported and has positive experiences during their time at TC.

Each community has a Community Leader who works with a team of Heads of Houses and Connect teachers, to provide community links, foster connectedness, and oversea learning and welfare for those students within each Community.

We have 3 communities and 12 houses, with each house having around 100 students made up of students from different ages. Students in each of their houses are split into 4 groups of around 26 students each, and meet for 40 minutes every day, supported by an adult mentor who will facilitate student led learning and care, this time when all students meet is called Connect.

To read more about Connect please click here.


As mentioned above it is apparent that TC takes wellbeing seriously. The communities’ structure is a fantastic way to ensure all students are supported and have positive experiences while engaging with their learning. To add to that there is now a substantial Wellbeing Team to provide added health and wellbeing support to TC students and the TC community.

The TC Wellbeing Team aim to work together with students, staff, parents/guardians, as well as community organisations and local agencies to offer every student at the school access to support.

Students can be referred to the Wellbeing Team by community leaders and heads of house as well as parents/guardians and they may also self-refer for issues such as, but not limited to:

  • Feeling unhappy or stressed

  • Mental health concerns

  • General health concerns

  • Personal and family issues

  • Friendship and relationship concerns

  • Getting in touch with the right service

  • Finances/ Centrelink

  • Housing

  • Smoking, alcohol or drug use

  • Trauma

  • Grief and loss

  • Sexual health

  • Sexuality

  • Gender

  • Basically, anything that that affects health and wellbeing

The Wellbeing team now consists of:

Amanda- Social Worker- Full time

Amy- Youth Worker (trained Social Worker)- Full time

Adam- Student Counsellor (Master of Counselling)- Full time

Jason- Student Counsellor- Part time

Kat- Student Counsellor- Currently on leave

Yiorgs- Psychologist- Part time

Nikki- Psychologist- Part time

Hayley- Provisional Psychologist- Part time


To get in touch with someone from the Wellbeing Team please contact the TC general office on 9850-6333.


Careers Guidance

Providing careers guidance is becoming an increasingly complex and specialised field. We are fortunate to have a great team led by Jenny Herbst. TC continues to develop a program as part of the Individualised Learning Plan development process, to ensure that all students have a current and realistic Careers Plan. Regardless of age, any student and their parent may make an individual appointment with Jenny if they require further assistance. Particular focus is provided to students and families as they select their final VCE subjects, to ensure that prerequisite subjects are identified and VTAC applications successfully submitted. Many students return to seek assistance from our Careers Team many years after they have finished at TC.


Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)

If you hold a valid Concession Card/Health Care Card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF.  The allowance is paid to TC to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

The annual CSEF amount per students is $225.00.  Below are links to more information and application forms.

CSEF Information

CSEF Application Form

CSEF State School Relief Uniform Pack Parent Information

CSEF State School Relief Uniform Package Order Form