Student Parent Teacher Interviews - Semester 1 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the conferences running?

Friday  15th March                    9am - 3pm

Wednesday 27th March           12:00 – 7:00pm

How do I book an appointment?

Log into Compass ( and book a time. There are two options for when you can book, but you can only book in with the same teacher once.

Any tips for booking the appointments?

We recommend that you do not book appointments “back to back” with each other. We recommend having a space between so that you are not rushing around.

How long do the appointments last?

Appointments are 8 minutes in length, however this includes time to travel to the next appointment.

Does the student need to be there?

YES. This is their learning and they need to be part of the discussions taking place. These Term 3 conferences are also perfectly timed for discussions involving appropriate 2019 subject selections.

Where do the appointments take place?

The appointments are held in various spaces @ TC. This year this will include A Wing and B Wing. There will be maps on display in the school.

Why are some staff only available on one day?

Some staff are only available on one day due to their working arrangements. We have quite a few part time staff so unfortunately many of these may not be available on both days.

What if I want/need to talk for longer than I have?

We need to be very strict on time. If one person overruns it can have a knock-on effect for many others. You can always book an appointment with someone later for a longer conversation, either in person or over the phone.

Can I just turn up and see someone?

Unfortunately, this does not work. Many of our staff are fully booked during the conferences. Please book an appointment through Compass before the night so that staff can be prepared with information on your child’s learning progress.

Do classes run on the day?

NO. To ensure there is enough time for appointments, no classes are running on the two conference days. Spaces within the school are open and available for students to study if required.

Do classes start at the normal time on the following day?

YES. Classes begin at the normal time the day following a conference.