Please click here for detailed information on photocopying and printing.

Below is a summary:

TC we have 7 Multi-Function Photocopiers (MFD's) and they are located in:

  • A-Block (Administration Area)

  • A-Block (Science Area)

  • B-Block (At IT, outside B1)

  • C-Block (Art Hub)

  • D-Block (Near Middle Staff Office - Locker area)

  • Portables (Between P1 and P2)

  • S-Block

All these photocopiers are setup with a virtual "follow-me" printing system using the PaperCut print tracking software. What this means for users is that you can print to either the Colour Photocopier or Black & White Photocopier printer queue on your computer and login to any of the photocopiers around the school to release your printing job when you are ready to do so. Un-released print jobs will automatically be cleared from the virtual printing queue at the end of each day and no charge will be recorded against your account.