Life@TC from A -Z

Absence from class
TC uses the Compass system of reporting student absences. If a student is not in their allocated learning class within the first 10 minutes they will receive a text on the student mobile number registered that the school. If they do not respond within 10 minutes, the student will then receive a phone call. If they are still unaccounted for the parent will receive a text explaining the situation. Please keep in mind that with so much flexibility, we do get quite a few false alarms, but we take students attendance seriously.

Alpine School
Each year we apply for a group of six TC students to attend the Alpine Student Leadership School. The school is run by the Education Department and specializes in leadership and personal development for students in Year 9. Situated at an altitude of 1600m, near Dinner Plain Village in north eastern Victoria the fully residential program runs for one school term with accommodation for up to 45 students in a purpose-built facility. Our application has been successful for the past three of the last four years and students who attend describe it as “awesome” and “life changing”.

We also have an ever developing Outdoor Education program offering a range of experiences for students with varying degrees of experience.

Alternative University Entrance
We currently have an agreement with Swinburne University, and are in discussion with a number of other universities about providing alternative entry pathways to the conventional VCE. Students are required to achieve a 25 for Unit 3&4 English (above the 23 percentile) and either complete a “significant personal project” or successfully complete two first-year university subjects from a list of 40 by distance learning. This is not intended as a mechanism for low performing students to get into university, but rather an alternative pathway for capable students who wish to pursue a more personalised and creative pathway. Students are given guaranteed entry 12 months prior to graduation pending successful completion of their prearranged program.

TC is well served by Metlink buses from Templestowe, Doncaster, Box Hill, Heidelberg and Eltham areas. Route information and timetables can be obtained from

The College has specially designated buses, operated by Panorama Bus Company, which serve students living in Eltham, Diamond Creek and Hurstbridge. Students must use a valid Myki for each journey. Download Transport to TC

BYOD - Bring Your Own Device
TC is a leader in the use of technology in schools. We have a Bring Your Own Device BYOD policy (minimum specifications apply - see link for more information) and deliver lessons in an online format at a pre-VCE level. Each student has a 1TB e-portfolio to work in which is backed up automatically to the cloud and students use a range of online tools to supplement their classroom and Home Learning.

Careers Guidance
Providing careers guidance is becoming an increasingly complex and specialised field. We are fortunate to have a wonderful Career's Team who welcome student's to drop in at any time.
TC is developing a program as part of the Individualised Learning Plan development process, to ensure that all students have a current and realistic Careers Plan.
Regardless of age, any student and their parent may make an individual appointment with Jenny or Frances if they require further assistance. Particular focus is provided to students and families as they select their final VCE subjects, to ensure that prerequisite subjects are identified and VTAC applications successfully submitted. Students often return to seek assistance from the Career's Team many years after they have finished at the College. Careers Website     Careers Facebook Page

College Council
The College Council is the governing body of the College. The Council comprises six parent representatives, five staff representatives including the Principal, four co-opted members, and three student representatives making a total of 18 members. Half the positions on College Council are made vacant each year and nominations are called for in Term 1 each year. College Council meetings are open to members of the College community and are generally held once per month on the fourth Thursday evening of the month.

Drama & Dance
Since the opening of our new performing arts centre (PAC) in 2015 our drama and dance program has gone from strength to strength. With professional quality lighting and sound equipment our students supported by talented staff have produced some amazing performances. The school musical in 2015 was Seussical the Musical, which was performed three times to packed houses. In 2016 TC performed Bring It On the musical by Jeff Whitty. The sheer athleticism of the cheerleading performers, energy and length of dialogue to be mastered was something to behold. In 2017 students performed High School Musical.

As dance is such a specialist field, we employ experts from The Edge Performance School to conduct these classes. Our students certainly appreciate being instructed by practicing professionals in their field.

Eco Cafe
The Eco Café is has recently received a significant face lift. It is currently open five days per week, before school and during break times, but we are currently undertaking a feasibility study of opening seven days per week. Students are encouraged to order their lunch online to avoid disappointment. There is café style seating for approximately 75 students.

Visit the TC Sustainability Facebook Page

Elite Programs
TC allows students to specialise in their chosen area of interest, potentially spending up to half their time at school on a particular area of passion. Students are required to maintain a challenging 2.5 WASHI (Work and Study Habits Index) to remain in any program.

Elite Basketball Program- coached by Ian Stacker, former men's coach of the Australian Institute of Sport, coach of 720 NBL games and two-time coach of the year. In 2017 Alison Tranquili joined our ESDP Coaching team.

Elite Squash Program - coached by Vicki Cardwell, double world squash champion.

Elite Futsal Program – coached by Gui Costa former men's and women's Australian National Coach.

Students have also driven elite programs in art, music and horse riding through individualised programs.

Fitness Centre/ Gym
TC has its own modern commercial Fitness Centre and students are able to take personal fitness as an elective. A second fitness space opened in 2017 to act as a self defence space, as well as the opportunity for before school, lunchtime and after school classes for these facilities.

Gifted and Talented Students
The nature of our individual programming, and lack of year levels is an exceptional opportunity for gifted and talented students to rapidly accelerate to meet their individualised learning needs. The acceptance @TC that “all of us are a bit different” has allowed many gifted students to seamlessly integrate within the school.

Research has consistently shown that prescriptive homework tasks before a VCE level achieves little positive outcome. Students would actually be far better off getting an extra hours sleep. This is not to say that learning can only occur in schools, but it must be exploring things that students want to do. Students at a pre-VCE level will from time to time be given pre learning tasks, but if a parent is looking for extensive amounts of homework, TC is probably not the school for them.

International Program
TC has just over 70 full fee paying International Students from more than 10 different countries. These students add enormously to the global awareness of our local students and makes TC a truly global community. Priority is given to placing students who have a genuine desire to Take Control of their own learning, are younger and so will be part of the TC for a longer period of time or who have a particular passion for entrepreneurship.
Please see the International Program page for more information.

Individual Learning Plan
Students develop a detailed individualised learning plan (ILP) in consultation with their parents and school staff. The plan has a five-year time horizon and students are strongly encouraged to ensure that their plan is flexible enough to cope with changing interests and a rapidly changing world. Students will set goals both long and short term and are expected to keep this plan up to date. Student career and pathway plans are also recorded here along with subject selection.

IT Service Centre & Help Desk
The IT Service Centre & Help Desk is staffed by IT professionals, a number of paid student IT staff and a number of students in training. It is open before and after school, during break times and by appointment. Students who have a particular interest and passion for helping others with IT are welcome to assist and after some training this can lead to employment within the college.

Kitchen Facilities
The Resource Centre is equipped with multiple microwaves and sandwich makers that can turn a humble sandwich from home into a magnificent toastie in winter! Students and staff also have access to boiling water, chilled filtered water and a refrigerator. This is on top of the Eco Cafe(formerly canteen).

Language Centre
TC has an on-site Language Centre which supports many of our overseas students who have English as an additional language. These students take part in intensive language studies before joining our mainstream classes.

Leadership Academy
In 2015 students formed The Leadership Academy to provide leadership training and development opportunities to students and staff within the TC community and beyond.

Students @TC have a broad range of both formal and informal leadership opportunities. We are not a school that likes to have votes on leadership positions, as how can a school ethically knock back a student who wants to contribute something positive to their school?  Too often such votes can become popularity contests. We do have College Captains, House Captains, Junior House Captains, SRC representatives, Bus Captains and captains of sporting teams. But where we have several students wanting to lead we create a leadership group to support the captains, so everyone can contribute their talents.

Lesson Times
Lesson 0 7.15-8.30   (Early start classes only)
Lesson 1 8.45-10:00am
Lesson 2 10:00-11:10am

Recess 11:10-11:30am
SSDP 11:30-12:20pm
Lesson 3 12:20-1:30pm

Lunch 1:30-2:20pm (Early Finish Wednesday and Friday)
Lesson 4 2:20-3:30pm (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday ONLY)

Lunchtime Activities

Our fifty minute lunch provides the opportunity to run a range of activities and clubs for students. These include active and passive recreational options including: art club, badminton, basketball, choir, creative writing, computer gaming, netball, personal fitness, philosophy club, soccer, table tennis, textiles club, volleyball and many more. Students and staff will always be supported to develop additional options under the “Yes is the default” rule.

Music Program
TC has many talented and committed musicians and a great program to support their development. Music Performance is a very popular elective and caters for musicians from beginners to an advanced level. As students practice the art of making and performing music for almost four hours per week, on top of their individual music lessons, their progress is often rapid. The program is primarily based around contemporary music but incorporates the talents of many students from a classical background.
In 2015, one of our contemporary bands “Westwood” won the Victorian battle of the bands competition.
Performing arts concerts are held twice per term and prospective students, families and friends are most welcome to attend. We think you will be impressed. Please contact reception for the next concert date and time.

Parent Involvement
Not surprisingly, research says that students whose parents maintain an active involvement in their child’s education are more likely to experience success at school, particularly when the involvement is in connection with their studies. As a school we want to work in a genuine partnership with parents and guardians, both in the academic area but also as part of the wider TC Community.

Currently parents are involved in College Council, assisting with the Canteen, working bees, being guest speakers, providing work experience placements, gardening, assisting with the animals program, tutoring students and assisting with excursions. We also run a volunteers program within different areas. (Please see the 'Employment and Volunteering section for more info) If you have an idea or special talent to offer please talk to our Assistant Principal, Sally Holloway.

Performing Arts Centre
Our newly renovated Performing Arts Centre (PAC) opened in 2015. It includes a 320 tiered seat auditorium, dance space, drama space, music space, instrumental practice rooms, a digital recording studio and a commercial kitchen. This facility has taken our performing arts program to a new level of professional standard performance.
This facility is available for hire. Further information can be obtained by contacting Kyle

Personalised Learning Project
Students are able to complete a Personalised Learning Project (PLP) as part of their academic program. Students can undertake any project provided it has a clear learning intention. Students are provided with general supervision and assistance from a staff member to support in the completion of the project.

Resource Centre (RC)
The Resource Centre is the learning and social hub of the school. It is open from 7.15am to 5.30pm Monday to Thursday and on Fridays from 7.15am to 4.00pm. It has a full kitchen with access to boiling water, chilled filtered water, multiple sandwich makers and microwaves and is an inviting place for students to study in comfort or meet up with friends. There is also a large silent study area for those who need peace and quiet. This can also be a great back up if parents or carers are running late for a pick up. After school tutoring is available within this space, please see Sophie Parthenides, the Resource Centre Manager, for more information. 

All our science laboratories have recently been renovated and are beautiful areas in which budding scientists can work and learn. Because of the flip model of education where students do some of their learning before the lesson, we are able to do more experiments and other hands on activities. Our aim is to achieve a 50% balance between theory and practical activities in Pre-VCE science classes.


Sports Program
Most TC students like their sport… a lot! Each lunchtime there is at least one sport training session open to all students. These include: basketball, volleyball, netball, soccer, badminton and table tennis. Students can also take extra Sport or Personal Fitness as elective subjects.

In addition we train for and compete with other local schools in: athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, cross country, football, golf, netball, squash, soccer, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. This format allows the selection of the most able students to go on and represent the College at District, Regional, State and National level. We also have Elite Sports programs in Basketball, Squash and Futsal.

Technology Hub
We have a purpose built modern Design and Technology area with facilities and equipment for working with wood, metal, plastics and electronics. We have our own 3D printers, vinyl cutter and in an industrial partnership with Trotec Laser, TC have acquired an industrial-grade Speedy 400 laser engraver/cutter system. Students are learning about modern industrial technologies as well as entrepreneurship, developing several for-profit businesses. 

In the subject 'Geek Studies', students are able to pursue any learning as long as it's “geeky” and they have an approved project plan.


Term Dates 2017
Term 3: 17 July to 22 September
Term 4: 9 October to 22 December

Term Dates 2018
Term 1: 30 January - 29 March
Term 2: 16 April - 29 June
Term 3: 16 July - 21 September
Term 4: 08 October - 21 December

A number of students working with the Student Representative Council are planning a series of consultation events and a survey of all students, staff and families to determine both the current and prospective TC community view. Any demand for change would have to be significant if we are to effect a change in this regard and if made there would need to be a phase in period.

The current situation is that we have a uniform, we want it worn correctly and do not want to create a situation where staff are required to waste time and potentially compromise positive working relationships by having to raise uniform compliance issues with students. Students are able to wear either summer, winter or sports uniforms at any time but not a mixture of uniforms. Uniform Guide

Uniform Shop
TC uniforms are provided by Beleza. These items can be purchased from the Beleza store in Forest Hill.

423 - 425 Springvale Road
Forest Hill
Phone: (03) 9878 2211
Mon, Wed, Fri: 10.00am to 4.00pm
Saturday: 10.00am to 1.00pm

VCAL - Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning
In the past TC has conducted a separate VCAL class, but from 2017 this will operate as an integrated part of the program.

Visual Arts
TC has an excellent visual arts program, incorporating studio art, photography, visual communication and design and media and has many, many exceptional artists. As the arts @TC are always electives, the ONLY people doing these classes are those who are passionate! Students work regularly with professional artists, visit exhibitions, hold their own exhibitions and even rent out and sell their work. Many of the Visual Communication and Design Students and Media students complete work for corporate and private clients on a paid basis. The Visual Arts area has been recently renovated and is open to students from the start of school until the end of the day.

TC holds an Art & Design exhibition each year that incorporates Art, Design & Technology Work, Photography, Media, Textiles, even Food Technology! 

As a school we believe that the more caring and capable adults modelling positive learning behaviours that students are exposed to in their classes, the better. If you have a special skill, are a trainee teacher, retired person with a skill to share we would love to hear from you. Please contact Assistant Principal Sally Holloway or look at the 'Employment and Volunteering' link at the bottom of the website for opportunities.

Well no, we don’t actually have one of these as part of our Working with Animals program yet, but we might one day! We do however have, alpacas, an axolotl, budgies, chickens, crickets, frogs, fish, giant cockroaches, goats, guinea pigs, lizards, mice, rabbits, rats, sheep, scorpions, snakes, spiders, turtles and yabbies. If anyone has a surplus zebra we would love to hear from you!