To co-create high quality learning experiences within an inclusive and supportive community
— TC2018-2021 Our Vision

Leading Teacher - Community Leader Information

Thank you for your application to the role of Leading Teacher – Community Leader at TC. These roles are really important leadership roles for the whole of our school and so we appreciate you taking the time to apply.

As you will be aware you have your interview next week. It is intended that this email will give you some information around this interview to help you prepare.

The interviews will take the following format:

1.      Staff Interview Panel

  • The interview panel will consist of Peter Ellis (Principal), Sally Holloway (Assistant Principal) and Jenny Herbst (Student Support Leader and Careers Leader)

2.      Student Panel

  • This panel will consist of a group of students that have all been merit and equity trained by TC.

In the interviews, we will be asking you questions around projects that you have led, the improvements that these projects have had for students outcomes in their learning and wellbeing, as well as other questions based around the selection criteria.

The interviews will be taking place here at TC. We recommend that you aim to arrive a little bit early as parking spaces can sometimes be limited in school grounds.

Below there are some files that we hope will be useful for your preparation for your interview. For interest, we have identified the following Key Improvement Strategies as areas for focus in our 2019 Annual Implementation Plan:

  • Implement a program in which wellbeing and development of the Victorian Curriculum General capabilities are a combined experience, with a focus on students working collaboratively.
  • Prioritise the close analyse of student achievement data, particularly where current outcomes are below expected levels of achievement and growth, and take action in areas where trends become evident over time.
  • Investigate and implement annual targets measures for student academic and wellbeing growth beyond NAPLAN and VCE. These will be based around the development of the Templestowe College expanded measures of success (EMS).
  • Enhance teacher collaboration in examining student work to identify the next stage of learning.
  • Review and redesign of the school induction program

I hope that you find all of this information useful to help with your preparation for the interview. The interview panels look forward to meeting with you next week.

Many thanks,



Peter Ellis


Templestowe College

Some useful files