TC 2018-2021 Vision: To co-create high quality learning experiences within an inclusive and supportive community

To the TC Community,

Please find below the announcements for next week. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at our Student Parent Teacher Interviews. These are a really important opportunity to gain feedback and to help set some goals for the rest of the term. The first option is this Friday. Appointments are filling up quickly with nearly 40% of our families already making appointments. I encourage you to log in to Compass to book your appointments as these are filling up quickly.

This Weeks Announcements

  • Attendance @ TC

  • Sport Update

  • Photo day this Tuesday

  • Student Parent Teacher Interviews are next Friday. Please book now.

  • VEX Robotics Fundraiser event information

  • Peer Support Program Week 6 Update

Last Weeks Announcements

  • Sport Update

  • WASHI Released

  • Student Climate Strike

  • Student Parent Teacher Interviews - Save the Date

Previous Weeks Relevant Announcements

  • Peer Support Update - Week 3

  • Donations of Rice and Pasta for the Fairshare Kitchen

  • Vaccinations Information

  • Student Enrolment Information

  • Locker Contents from 2018

  • Work and Study Habits Index (WASHI) Explained

  • Eco Cafe menu for term 1

  • New staff to TC

  • School Calendar for Term 1

  • Term Dates for the Year

  • VCE Catch-Up Sessions

  • Panorama Bus Departure Times

  • Compass Log In

  • Compass Help

  • Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)

  • TC Resource List for 2019

  • Times of the Day 2019

  • Do not miss this parents! Parents Talk from the Resilience Project

  • Immunisations

  • Traffic Flow at Peak Times

  • Use of Disabled Parking Spaces

Announcements for Next Week

Attendance @ TC - Recording Absences on Compass

Please find below a document around the importance of attendance @ TC and for recording absences on Compass.

Sport Update

This week we had the Intermediates go out for interschool sport which produced some positive results.  The boys and girls volleyball teams both won the competition along with the boys cricket.  We also had strong results in tennis with both our boys and girls teams missing out in the final.  Week 7 sees the following occurring in sport:

 TUES- Junior Community Volleyball Comp

WED- SSDP entry/ U14 training

THURS- Intermediate Community Volleyball Comp

Photo Day on Tuesday

Please note that Photo Day is on Tuesday of next week. Students do not have to be in uniform for this but ESDP Basketball students need to bring theirs with them.

Student Parent Teacher Interviews are now Open

Log into Compass to book Student Parent Teacher Interviews. Please note that there will not be any classes running on Friday due to these sessions. For more information, click here.

VEX Robotics World Championships Team Fundraiser

What is it: Templestowe College trivia and silent auction night

When is it: Friday 29th March

What time: Doors open 7pm for a 7.15pm start

Where: At TC in S-wing

BYO food and drinks

Teams of 7-8

$15 per person – make a booking at

Prizes awarded for best dressed and themed table

Music, knowledge, random facts and good times provided

Why: Funds raised will support the VEX Robotics Team to compete in the World Championships in the US in April 2019. 

Peer Support Week 6 Update

While Green Community Entry Students were away on camp this week the Gold and Blue Community Entry students during Peer Support learnt about how influential our thoughts can be in responding to challenges. In their Peer groups they discussed how a difficult or new situation may require hard work, perseverance, courage or support from others.  Aligned with this were the discussions around the idea that open thoughts allow us to make the most of any situation and feel optimistic about the possible outcomes. Many of the Peer leaders during this week’s session experimented with a range of other team building activities such as Basketball, Octopus and general getting to know you games.

Visit for examples of statements that will help encourage your child to adopt open thoughts in all areas of their life.

Case of Head Lice at the School

Dear Parents/Guardians

 It has come to my attention that some students in the school may have head lice and I seek your cooperation in checking your child’s hair this week .Head lice do not transmit infectious diseases – they are transmitted by having head to head contact with someone who has head lice. You may be reassured to know that head lice are commonly found in places other than at TC. Head lice are common in school-aged children and are the most adaptable of creatures. They have survived living solely on humans for 10,000 years!!!!

 What can you do?

I seek your cooperation in checking your child’s hair and in those instances where head lice or eggs are found, treating your child’s hair.

 Please see the attached pamphlet Treating and Controlling Head Lice, from the Department of Human Services. This pamphlet has informative guidelines regarding detecting and treating head lice and eggs.

 When can my child return to school?

Health regulations requires that where a child has head lice, that child should not return to school until the day after appropriate treatment has started. Please note, this refers only to those children who have live head lice and does not refer to head lice eggs.

 TC is aware that head lice can be a sensitive issue and is committed to maintaining your confidentiality.

Last Weeks Announcements

Sports Update

This week saw our Swimming Carnival take place which was a fantastic day.  Gold Community took out the Community Cup followed by Blue and then Green Community.  We also had the following students win age champion for their respective age groups Caleb Bloomer, Anna French, heath Eyles, Maddi Rhys- Jones, Gus Foletta, Alisha Licorni, Kadyn Trayford, Yanina Dehearne, Thomas Elms, Tahlia Sadler, Jaiaan Fontyne.  We also had senior sport where TC took the title for boys and girls tennis.  Next week in sport we have the following occurring:

 MON: Intermediate cricket, tennis, volleyball competition

           Lunchtime volleyball training

TUES: Lunchtime cricket training

THURS: Lunchtime volleyball training

FRI: Mullum Division Swimming Competition

       Entry/ U14 SSDP Sports Training

WASHI Released

The first WASHI for the year has been released. This can be found by going to compass, and then going to the reports tab for your child. The progress report module is further down the page. An explanation of the WASHI can be found in last weeks announcements below. If you have any questions around your childs WASHI score, please direct this to the class Teacher directly.

From our Environmental Action Group - Student Climate Strike

Australia is in the thick of the climate crisis. Prolonged drought cripples farming communities. Flash flooding is creating chaos in cities. Catastrophic bush fires and severe cyclones threaten people’s homes. Heatwaves are sweeping the nation. Half the Great Barrier Reef is dead. And yet our politicians refuse to stop massive new fossil fuel projects like Adani’s coal mine.

On March 15, school students are walking out of school to tell our politicians to take all of us seriously and start treating climate change for what it is: a crisis and the biggest threat to our generation and generations to come.

EVERYONE IS INVITED. Tens of thousands of students across Australia and around the world will join us. If you’re an adult, take the day off and join us in solidarity.

SEE YOU AT: 12 PM Treasury Gardens on MARCH 15, 2019 

 Useful links:  

Event information:

Reasons to go:

Student Parent Teacher Interviews - Save the Date

We have two options for our Student Parent Teacher Interviews. We have these two dates due to the demand on our staff. Please save the following dates: Friday 15th March 9am - 3:30pm and Wednesday 27th March 12pm - 7pm.

For those who have not attended one of these @ TC before, parents will be able to book in for a 7 minute interview with each member of staff. This booking will be carried out through Compass. The bookings will open at some point early next week.

Last Weeks Announcements

Donations of rice and pasta wanted for the Fareshare Community Kitchen

A group of students are going to the Fareshare Kitchen on Friday 1 March to help convert rescued food into nutritious meals for those who need a feed in Victoria. Fareshare rely on donations and we are collecting rice and pasta to take with us. Please bring donations to the SWing before Friday.

 If you missed out on Fareshare this time, there will be an opportunity later in the year to take another group. Keep an eye on emails and Compass so you don’t miss out.



Vaccinations Information

Please find below information on the upcoming vaccinations @ TC


Next week all families will receive a copy of the Student Enrolment Information for their student/s via email.

 It is important that our records are accurate and up-to-date; therefore, we ask that you follow the instructions provided on the Student Enrolment Information Form and return the completed form to the General Office by Monday 25 February 2018.  Please note, that families with two households (ie separated families) will only receive the information relevant to their household.

 Please click on the link below for our Privacy Notice, which explains why we collect certain information, how to update your records should your information change, and access to those records.

 We thank you for your assistance, and should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the General Office on (03) 9850 6333.

Locker Contents from 2018

Please note that we still have a large amount of locker contents from 2018. If you would like this back, please go to S Wing at recess or lunchtime.

Work and Study Habits Index (WASHI) Explained

Staff will be giving feedback to students on their work and study habits shortly. This will be released through Compass. The WASHI gives a student immediate feedback on their work habits within each classroom. For an explanation of the WASHI, please click on the link below.

Eco Cafe Menu for Term 1

Please find below the menu for the Eco Cafe for term 1

New staff to TC

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome some new staff to the school. We spent many months and hours undertaking the recruitment process and are really pleased to be able to introduce the following new members of our community:

Term Dates for the Year

Please see the table below for some of the key term dates for 2019:

 VCE Catch-Up Sessions

 VCE Attendance Catch-up Sessions begin in the S Wing as of next week. Catch-up Sessions will run weekly through the year at the following times:

Monday: 3.30pm to 4.40pm

Tuesday: 3.30pm to 4.40pm

Thursday: 3.30pm to 4.40pm

Please be aware that ALL VCE students are required to meet the minimum VCE attendance requirements in 2019; this is currently set at 90%. Please see the attachment ‘Brief for VCE Attendance’ for further clarity on meeting the VCE attendance mark. This document was produced for 2018 to offer clarification.

Panorama Bus Departure Times

A reminder that all the Panorama Bus leave at 3:40 every day of the week. Wednesday and Friday afternoons offer the opportunity for students to take part, and run clubs here @ TC or take part in the tutoring available. Please see the item in this item named “Wednesday and Friday Clubs” to see what is available for students to sign up to.

Compass Log In

Please follow the link below to find information to help you with logging onto Compass for the first time as a parent or if you have lost your username or password. Parents, please note that you need to use the email address/mobile that was provided on your enrolment form for password recovery to work. If you have not logged into Compass yet, you should use this link to find help on obtaining your username and password:

Compass Help

If you are looking for support with Compass, there are various information sheets available. Click on the button below to be able to find these. These include such topics as: Compass Parents Guide, navigating the parent portal, providing consent for excursions, approving an absence, making contact with TC staff through Compass.

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)

If you hold a valid Concession Card/Health Care Card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF.  The allowance is paid to TC to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

The annual CSEF amount per students is $225.00.  Please find attached the CSEF Application form.  Please complete and return to the General Office with a copy of the relevant Concession Card. More information can be found on the Department website by following this link:

TC Resource List for 2019

The TC 2019 Resource List can be found at .

Times of the Day 2019

Following on from student feedback received throughout term 4, there has been a minor change to the times of the day for 2019. The times for the day can be seen below

Do Not Miss This Parents! Parent Talk - Resilience Project

The Resilience Project @ TC 2019

 The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs to schools, providing practical, evidence-based, positive mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness. Through presentations, school curriculum, teacher diaries and our app, we seek to help all Australians become mentally healthy.

They have delivered programs to over 650 government, independent and private schools nationally and are regarded as one of the most engaging positive mental health programs in the country.

Our approach is to work with the whole school community including teachers, students and parents helping them understand the importance of practicing and implementing key strategies to build resilience and drive sustainable change.

During 2019, TC will inspire students, empower teachers and engage our community.

Come along to our parent information night to learn more about methods to support mental health and wellbeing.

 Monday 4 March 2019

 7.00PM Start


Please find below a newsletter relating to immunisations

Traffic Flow through the school at Peak times

A reminder that we have a one way system in place during peak pick up and drop off times. All pick ups and drop offs should take place at the space by the Astroturf and Sports Centre. The space along the front of the school is NOT the space to pick up and drop off as this causes traffic delays on Cypress Avenue and Lynwood Parade.


Please note we have several students who require use of the Disabled Parking Spaces. Please do not park in these unless it is your right to do so.

Have a good weekend,

Peter Ellis


Templestowe College