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— TC2018-2021 Our Vision

Next Week @ TC - 7th September 2018

To the TC Community,


This Weeks Announcements:

  • Pick My Project – Help TC Secure $200k in funding
  • Templestowe Community Market – HELP WANTED
  • TC Staff Professional Practice Days
  • Mango Fundraiser - An Update
  • End of Term Arrangements
  • Return to Term 4 Arrangements

Last Weeks Announcements:

  • Sports Update
  • Subject Selection is now closed

Previous Weeks Announcements:

  • Pick My Project - We need your votes
  • 2019 Camps Information
  • Appointment of New Assistant Principals
  • Sports Update
  • Order your food online - now available
  • Meningococca Immunisation Information Available
  • Health Resources Wall - From one of our Students
  • Young Carers Program

This Weeks Announcements

Pick My Project – Help TC Secure $200k in funding

TC wants to build a STEM Sustainability Innovation Centre and we are in the running to receive $200,000 to make it happen! WE NEED YOUR VOTE!

1.               Visit

2.               Enter Lower Templestowe as your community location

3.               Select “Sustainability Education Program through STEM” to “Add to shortlist”

4.               Register with Facebook, Google or your email address

5.               (You don’t need to select 2 other projects.)

6.               Confirm and Submit.

Thank you for supporting this initiative! To find out more about the project, email

Templestowe Community Market – HELP WANTED

Recently the Templestowe Community Market was held by entrepreneurship students and it was a success. There was a great vibe on the Saturday and lots of awesome stalls. To continue to grow this community event concept as a regular feature we will be starting a voluntary comittee/working group.

The Templestowe Community Market is in need of parent, student and staff volunteers for:

·        Putting up posters in the community

·        Delivering flyers in the local area

·        Placing signage on street corners

·        On the day setup and pack up

·        Directing traffic

·        Lifting of equipment

·        Communications and digital marketing

If you are interested in joining the working group or if you would like to know more about the market or jobs please contact:

TC Staff Professional Practice Days - Staff absent this week

As part of the Victorian Government Schools Agreement between the government and the Teaching Union in 2017, all teaching staff are required to take one professional training day per term. We have found that this has caused some disruption to lessons. In an effort to make this more transparent, and potentially less disruptive to students, we have asked all staff from one faculty area to take their day on the same day. All staff taking part in these days should still be providing work on Compass for students to be completed. This week we will have the following staff not in class teaching:

Tuesday 11th September: Maths: Blaire Dobiecki, Martin Bucholtz, Daniel Singh, Kristeeen Wong, Rachael Dunne, Claire Maroske and Neil Metcalfe

Wednesday 12th September: Tony Trieu

Friday 14th September: Science (although Unit 4 classes will be running): Meg Bailey, Frances Barber, Tony Costanzo, Aaron Floyed, Steven Knight, Brian Daniels, Katrina Glass, Athena Iliadis, Thomas Kennedy and Jasmin Pantelidis.

Should you wish to know any more on these days please follow the link to the Department of Education Website

Mango Fundraiser - An UPDATE

A reminder that the Mango Fundraiser is back! See the flyer below for more information


A reminder that the last day of term is the 21st of September. Classes will run as normal on this day.


Students will return to school on Monday 8th October. We will be running classes as normal on this day.

Last Weeks Announcements:

Sports Update

Entry interschool sport goes out on Friday meeting at the Sports Centre at 8.30am.  

Lunchtime sports training has commenced for our inter school sport program.  These sessions are available to all our students on:  

MONDAY- STU/ TTRI- S WING Table tennis  

                   BWA/ EHUM- SC Basketball  

 TUESDAY- SPORTS CENTRE  SENIOR FUTSAL FINAL- Gold vs Green, Staff vs Students Junior, Staff vs Students Senior.  

 THURSDAY- TDI/ SLOC- SC  Volleyball EMR Training  

Entry and U14 Inter school Sport training Thursday during SSDP-  

* Basketball in the Sports Centre  

* Table tennis in the S wing  

* Hockey on the astro turf  

If you have signed up for Interschool sport this will appear on your compass otherwise you will not be allowed to train.

Subject Selection is Now Closed

The deadline for subject selection has now closed. Thank you to all students, parents and staff for working together to enable us to have the data ready to carry out our planning for 2019. Our next step is to see how many classes will run based upon the selections made, as well as having various staff looking at students selections to ensure that students have made good decisions around their 2019 subjects and courses. Staff will be working with students over any selections made that either don't look quite right or where there are questions. If you are part of the 1.5% of students who have not yet submitted your selections by the deadline, please contact your Head of House.

When students clicked on the "submit" button an email would then have been sent to students and parents confirming their preferences.

Subject allocations will be released in term 4 when consultations have taken place with students and staff. Please be aware that this process takes time, as we have over 1200 students all on unique pathways with their own course, so this takes a bit of time for us to work through.


Previous Weeks Announcements

Pick My Project - Keep on Voting!

TC wants to build a Sustainability Innovation Centre. Vote for our Project to help us secure $200,000 to make it happen!

1.              Visit or click here to go directly to our page

2.              Select “Sustainability Education Program through STEM” to “Add to shortlist”

3.              Register with Facebook, Google or your email address

4.              Select 2 other projects to add to your voting list.

5.              Confirm and Submit.

Thank you for supporting this initiative! To find out more about the project, email


2019 Camps Information

Information is now available on 2019 Camps. The camps are detailed in the document below. Follow this link to express an interest in one of the camps

Appointment of New Assistant Principals

If is with great excitement that we can announce the appointment of two new Assistant Principals to TC. Since the Deaparture of Peter Hutton and Lian Davies at the end of 2018, TC has been working with a more compact Principal Group. We have now made the right appointments for the school community of two additional Assistant Principals to help lead the school. We are pleased to announce that Aaron Mackinnon will be joining us on the 22nd of October from his current role of Acting Assistant Principal at Dandenong High School, and that Natasha MacKinnon will be joining us at the beginning of 2019 from her current position of Deputy Principal at Aquinas College. (NB Aaron and Natasha are not related!).

We are really excited to welcome Aaron and Natasha to our community. More information will be shared on them when they join us.


Order your Food Online! Now Available

OUR SCHOOL CANTEEN IS NOW ONLINE! Download the free app or access

Register your account on any device, simply login to au/tccafe and click on “Create Account”, follow the prompts to add your email and password. 

Add “Student”, and make sure that you select your school and use your first initial of your surname as your class.

And follow the rest of the prompts. 

At lunch time come to the pick up line currently on the right hand side of the canteen and collect your lunch order.

Orders for online ordering close at 10.00,

Meningococca Immunisation Information

Please find below information on the Meningococca Immunisation Program.

Health Resources Wall - From one of our Students

"As part of an individual SSDP project, a wall of health resources has been created outside of the careers office- right near the front office. This wall is here for you. Whether you are staff, a student, a parent, or simply just a visitor. We created the wall as we want to ensure you are able to access all the information you want to. We want to ensure you experiencing good health and wellbeing, and hope the resources on this wall will help you to achieve that. 

The informative flyers, fact sheets and brochures on this wall will be swapped out every month- and you can request specific things! If we don’t have it already, we will do our best to find it.” 

Young Carers Program

Merri Health offers a great service for young people that engage in a carers roll. This can be any student that helps look after someone with a disability, mental illness, drug or alcohol dependency or is frail aged. It can be a parent, sibling, relative or friend.

Young carers can also apply for a 12 month scholarship via the Young Carer Bursary Program at:

Mango Fundraiser

The Mango Fundraiser is back! See the flyer below for more information

Have a good weekend,


Peter Ellis


Templestowe College