TC 2018-2021 Vision: To co-create high quality learning experiences within an inclusive and supportive community

To the TC Community,

This week has seen a major step as we plan for 2020. Our Student Community Leaders ran student consultation sessions to gain feedback around our Connect program and the “extras” that students want from school. These sessions that were ran by our student leaders supported by staff gave every student in the school an opportunity to have their say on an important program at TC. We are all aware that school is about more than just the learning that takes place in traditional subjects such as English, Maths, Geek Studies, Animals, etc, and this was an opportunity for students to say what is it that they want from this extra time. Our student leaders went to great lengths to express to students that this was their opportunity to have their say, and that in many other schools students wouldnt even be asked around their learning and what mattered to them.

Our next step is to collect data from parents over what you would like from TC for your child beyond the traditional classroom learnings. Keep an eye out for the online form for you to complete as we look to design our learning structure in 2020. I look forward to updating everyone even further on developments in term 4 after data has been collected from everyone.

On another note it was a pleasure to welcome two world renowned education thoughtleaders to TC this week to have a look at how we do things. On Thursday we had a visit from Pasi Sahlberg and Adrian Piccoli, both of whom currently work at the University of New South Wales, but more importantly lead work around Gonski. Pasi is responsible for designing the world renowned Finnish Education system and Adrian is a former NSW Minister for Education, and it was a real pleasure to be able to show them around our exciting learning environment.

This Weeks Announcements

  • Community Dodgeball Comp

  • Sports Update

  • Student Free Day this Friday

  • 2020 Alpine School Application

Last Weeks Announcements

  • Sports Update and Athletics Carnival this Monday

  • We are recruiting for 2020

Previous Weeks Relevant Announcements

This Weeks Announcements


Come down to the Sports Centre next week (week 9) and play some dodgeball during Connect to support your Community. Everyone is welcome and we would love to see you all playing.

  • Monday Connect Week 9: BLUE v GREEN

  • Wednesday Connect Week 9: GOLD V GREEN

  • Wednesday Connect Week 10: BLUE v GOLD


On Monday, we had a fantastic day at the TC Community Athletics.  Students and staff were able to connect through athletics, novelty events, TC media, TC music, dungeons and dragons, VCAL students preparing a BBQ and drone races.  The staff and students organising the event feel that it was a shame that the attendance was low.  These are fantastic days that need to be supported by our community.  A review will be taking place to see what is the best model for our school moving forward.  This does not take away from the achievements of those who took part. Congratulations to Green community who won, followed by Gold and then Blue.  Well done to all our students who qualified for division which will take place next Thursday.  A particular great achievement by our age champions for the day who were Joey Scale, Lucy Christodoulou, Matt Chivers, Matilda Brougham, Will Ciszewski, Charlotte Beattie, Alex Rowlands, Miah Johnson, Alex Kyriakopoulos, Aisha Meredith- Peck, Yousef Sobhani Rahatabad, Greta Baldacci.

Shaun Turner

Student Free Day This Friday

TC will be holding one of its Department mandated 4 Student Free Days this Friday. All Schools are mandated to have four student free days dedicated to Staff Professional Development. We have spaced ours out through the year, with two at the beginning of the year, one at the beginning of term 2 and our fourth on Friday 13th September.

On this day our staff will be undertaking work looking at measures of success beyond NAPLAN and VCE. In a changing work force the transferable skills are seen as a greater determinant of success than the ability to achieve a high ATAR, and we will be investigating what opportunities do TC students have to develop these transferable skills that are so vital to any job or career pathway. This day will be used to plan ahead to 2020 as we continue to focus on developing learning @ TC.

2020 Alpine School Application

 Opportunity for Alpine School – School for Student Leadership – Term One 2020

 The opportunity has arisen for Year 9 Aged Students (Note: this is a Department of Education run initiative, hence the reference to Year Levels): Two boys and Two girls to attend the School for Student Leadership (Alpine School – Snowy River Campus) for up to ten weeks in Term One 2020.

 During this placement, students will be challenged in a variety of ways to develop both themselves and their leadership qualities in a way that will enable them to grow resilience, confidence and self-efficacy – all important traits in aspiring towards self-development and leadership of self and others. The website ( provides relevant information regarding the opportunities available.

 Students interested in exploring this opportunity further can find out more by emailing John Sanderson ( for more information regarding the Program.

Last Weeks Announcements

Sports Update and Athletics Carnival on Monday

 This week we had the intermediates represent TC in basketball, hockey and table tennis.  It was great to see so many students participating in our inter school sport program and they produced a fantastic result winning all sports.

 A reminder we have our community athletics carnival on Monday at Doncaster Athletics Track.  All students are expected to attend and we implore parents to enforce this like they would any other school day.  A huge amount of time and effort is placed into making this a whole school event that all students can enjoy.  Please support this event by sending students to school as there is a possibility such events may not exist if attendance is not at the level expected.  The logistics, schedule and sign up has all been emailed to students and is also available in the compass newsfeed.

We are Recruiting for 2020

As happens each year, we have started our recruitment process for staff for 2020. We have new roles available due to a small growth expected in the school for 2020, and some of our staff moving on to leadership roles in other schools. We have also created some new positions as we look to focus in on what is happening at a classroom level in order to improve the learning opportunities for our students even further. If you know of anyone who may be suited to work with our amazing community, please point them in the direction of our website or our facebook page for more inforamtion.

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Previous Weeks Announcements

IT Team Now in the Link

From next week, our IT team will be operating within the new purpose-built space in the foyer of the Hub. This space will be referred to as the Link, connecting the space between the B Wing corridor and the collaboration spaces of the Hub.

Community Competitions

This term we’re lucky to run many different competitions, so you can help support your community no matter what your skills and interests may be! We’re running:

-        Science Photography Competition: Where you take a photo of scientific relevance and write a short (less than 100 words) blurb about what it’s demonstrating. This could be a photo of an experiment in class, of a local outdoor environment, or even of your peers and their biological traits. Science is everywhere! Submit your photos to Thomas Kennedy by the end of week 4.

-        Gaming competition: this event always draws a crowd, we will be gathering in the PAC on the 14th of August during connect (Wednesday week 5). Where teams from each community will represent in an epic Mario Cart race (8 players on a Wii). Various connect groups have been training to compete in the competition. Come on down to support or show off your talents.

-        Athletics Competition: On the Monday of week 8 we’re running Athletics day!! One of the best community events of the year. Not only will we have the classic activities like shotput, track and long jump, we’ll also be running fun activities like tug of war. The sports captains are interested in your suggestions for any activities they could run.

-        Dodgeball Competition: Come to the sports Centre during Connect in Week 9 and dodge duck dive dip dodge. We’ll run the competitions the same as we did for basketball, with two communities playing per day.

-        Music Competition: One of the most spectacular competitions that we put together at TC, the entries are always varied and entertaining. Each community has a set time on stage where they can present their skill, showmanship, and community involvement. This is an opportunity for all students of varied experience to create a performance and share it. Whether you’re the lead singer or playing the triangle we want you to come and have fun with your community.

Improving School Attendance

Positive student attendance correlates with positive educational, wellbeing and lifelong outcomes and is a protective factor against school non-completion, poverty, unemployment and poor health outcomes. Improving student attendance is, therefore, not simply about improving school data, but also about improving lifelong opportunities for the students in general.

The attached graph shows the impact of non-attendance and its direct correlation to a student’s educational and social development.

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If you require further support with any attendance related issues, please make time to talk with your Head of House or Community Leader.