Next Week @ TC - 3rd August 2018

To the TC Community,

This week was a big week @ TC as we launched our subject selection for 2019 and course planning for this. There were student information sessions held each day as well as a large staff training session held as well based around course planning. All students will be required to have a 5 year plan for their course as part of their ILP as we look to support all students for their next stage of learning. 

You will find below the first draft of the Subjects handbook for 2019 as well as the curriculum overview that has all of the subjects on offer for 2019. As a school we have a huge amount of subjects on offer to students, in order for all students to be able to follow their own learning around their interests and passions. This process, in order to make sure that all students make good choices around their subjects, does take time. This is something that we will be taking part in during SSDP so that all students have the opportunity to work with their peers and their SSDP mentor to make these good choices around their learning.

This Weeks Announcements:

  • Student Parent Teacher Conferences
  • 2019 Course Planning Information Sessions for Parents
  • 2019 Subject Expo
  • Health Resources Wall - From one of our Students
  • Dyslexia Friendly Learning Information Sessions - Back by Popular Demand
  • TC Charitable Donations Request by a Student
  • Young Carers Program
  • The Mango Fundraiser is back

Last weeks Announcements:

  • 2019 Subject selection information sessions - Parents
  • 2019 Subject selection information sessions - Students
  • Parent and Student Workshop - Organisation and Time Management
  • Student Feedback Survey taking place over the next two weeks

Previous weeks Announcements:

  • 2019 Subject Expo
  • 2019 Course Planning - Parent Information Evenings
  • Request for Donation of Warm Clothes

This Weeks Announcements:

STUDENT PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES – Thursday 16 August and Wednesday 22 August

We have our Student Parent Teacher Conferences taking place in Weeks 5 and 6. These Term 3 conferences are perfectly timed for discussions involving appropriate 2019 subject selections. Appointments for the conferences can be booked using Compass from today. For further information please see the FAQs attached below.

2019 Course Planning - Information Evenings for Parents

We will be holding Parent Information Sessions based around Course Planning at the following times and at the following venues:

2018 Entry Students (taking place in the PAC): Monday 6th August (6pm), Wednesday 8th August (6pm), Tuesday 14th August (5pm)

2018 FLE Students (taking place in the PAC): Tuesday 7th August (6pm), Thursday 9th August (5pm)

2019 and 2020 Graduating Students (Taking place in the Resource Centre Silent Room): Monday 6th August (5pm), Wednesday 8th August (6pm)

2019 Subject Expo

A reminder that this is taking place next week on Wednesday the 8th August in S Wing. This is a really useful time to come along and find out what subjects at TC involve, in order to be able to make good decisions around subject selection.

2019 Subject Selection Has Begun

This week we launched subject selection for 2019. The date that all subjects selections are due in 8:50am, Friday 31st of August. Students have all been informed around this in Assemblies this week. 

For our Curriculum overview and our Subject descriptors (available in draft form), please use the links below. These are being explained in the Course Planning information sessions.

Health Resources Wall - From one of our Students

"As part of an individual SSDP project, a wall of health resources has been created outside of the careers office- right near the front office. This wall is here for you. Whether you are staff, a student, a parent, or simply just a visitor. We created the wall as we want to ensure you are able to access all the information you want to. We want to ensure you experiencing good health and wellbeing, and hope the resources on this wall will help you to achieve that. 

The informative flyers, fact sheets and brochures on this wall will be swapped out every month- and you can request specific things! If we don’t have it already, we will do our best to find it.” 

Dyslexia-Friendly Learning @TC - back by demand

 On Wednesday 15 August 2018 we are running two sessions for dyslexia-friendly learning in the PAC Area. Session 1 begins at 2.30pm and Session 2 begins at 5.30pm.

Session 1 is a repeat of the initial pilot session that was delivered in June 2018; this focuses upon how to empower oneself to achieve highly at TC and is available due to high numbers not being able to be accommodated

Session 2 is a planned progression where the speaker will be sharing very specific learning strategies so students with dyslexia-type learning challenges can overcome learning barriers and achieve well at TC

These sessions provide an opportunity for an external visitor to work alongside students with dyslexia and dyslexia-type challenges to enable them to understand how they can learn more effectively and then achieve well despite distinct challenges of a text-based special learning need.

The visiting speaker is a dyslexic who has achieved well at school using some very specific strategies and these will be shared so all can practice how to use them with support and guidance before then using them at TC.

If you (or your child) are interested in this workshop please RSVP by email to

Places will fill quickly, so please endeavour to have RSVP’d by Monday 6 August 2018.

For further information, please also contact Matthew Daly using the aforementioned email.

TC Charitable Donations Request by a Student

I am organising a trivia night fundraiser at TC for The I CAN Network, and I need your help! "The I CAN Network is driving a rethink of Autism, from ‘I Can’t’ to ‘I CAN’. They mentor young people on the Autism Spectrum to live life with an ‘I CAN’ attitude." It was founded by Chris Varney, who is on the spectrum, and encourages a positive mindset in thinking about ASD.  In order to get the night up and running, I would greatly appreciate donations of auction and raffle items for the night, such as unique memorabilia, holiday getaways, and gift items. You and/or your business will be mentioned on the night and will be given a certificate of appreciation, and even better, you will be supporting a wonderful cause!!

We are organising a date very soon, so stay tuned! We cannot do this without your help and support.

Young Carers Program

Merri Health offers a great service for young people that engage in a carers roll. This can be any student that helps look after someone with a disability, mental illness, drug or alcohol dependency or is frail aged. It can be a parent, sibling, relative or friend.

Young carers can also apply for a 12 month scholarship via the Young Carer Bursary Program at:

Mango Fundraiser

The Mango Fundraiser is back! See the flyer below for more information

Last Weeks Announcements:

2019 Subject Selection Information Sessions - Parents

A reminder about our upcoming Subject selection sessions. An email was sent to all families today and the announcements can be found below.

2019 Subject Selection Information Sessions - Students

There will be student information sessions taking place next week in PAC based around subject selection. 

These sessions will take place at different times depending on what stage of learning students are at, and will last for about 20 minutes.

The order of these sessions will be on students Compass, but are:

Monday - Grads 2019 & 2020

Tuesday - FLE Michael Mance and Ceri and Veronicas Community

Wednesday - 2018 Entry Students

Thursday - FLE John Sandersons Community

There will be a catch up session for those students on Ski Camp on Monday 6th August 

PARENT AND STUDENT WORKSHOP - Organisation and time management

 PAC Thursday 16 August

The importance of organisational and time management skills for students

Parents and students are invited to attend this workshop which focuses on understanding what time management really means, why it is important and the need for students to actually ‘see time’; and learn tips and strategies to ensure students also understand and can implement this and other skills for success at school and in life.

Other topics covered include:

  • understanding the role organisation plays
  • homework process, environment and plans
  • the study cycle 
  • procrastination and managing distractions
  • mindset. 

Ensure good habits are established in the 2018 school year and that your child has the necessary skills to maximise their potential.

To book, please follow the link below:

Student Feedback Survey Taking Place in the Next Two Weeks

Over the next two weeks, students will be completing a survey in every one of their classes in order to give feedback to the classroom teacher. This short survey will be taking place in every class in order to give the members of staff at TC an opportunity to gain feedback, in order to plan for their own professional development. All feedback received is going to kept confidential as students names are not recorded by the survey. For those interested, we are using the program PIVOT to collect this feedback. This program has been created using research and tested in many schools around Victoria.

Previous weeks announcements:

2019 Subject Expo

On Wednesday 8 August, 2018 we are bringing back a Subject Expo to TC. At the Subject Expo, we will be providing and sharing information about every elective subject that is on offer for the 2019 Subject Selection in the soon to be published 2019 Subject Handbook. It is a really important part of the subject selection process, simply because we have so many great elective subjects on offer that it can be difficult for students and families to know enough about each one in enough detail to make the best informed choice possible. Teachers, Careers Staff and students currently studying the elective/s will be available to discuss each elective subject, face-to-face, so that students and families can make the very best informed choices about which electives will be most suitable for them to study in Semester 1, 2019.

The Subject Expo starts at 2.30pm, finishes at 6.45pm and will take place in the ‘S’ Wing.

We look forward to welcoming you to the event.

Matthew Daly

2019 Course Planning - Information Evenings for Parents

We will be holding Parent Information Sessions based around Course Planning at the following times:

2018 Entry Students: Monday 6th August (6pm), Wednesday 8th August (6pm), Tuesday 14th August (5pm)

2018 FLE Students: Tuesday 7th August (6pm), Thursday 9th August (5pm)

2019 and 2020 Graduating Students: Monday 6th August (5pm), Wednesday 8th August (6pm)


A message from some of our students: As part of our SSDP Project we are collecting warm clothes to donate to the homeless. We have a clothes rack and a box in the RC so that people can put their old clothes there. If you have any warm clothes that you would like to donate, please drop them off at the RC. Thanks.

Have a good weekend,


Peter Ellis


Templestowe College