TC 2018-2021 Vision: To co-create high quality learning experiences within an inclusive and supportive community

To the TC Community,

This week saw us complete the first of our two First Aid training courses for TC staff who teach in practical classes and those attending camps. Ensuring students get the best of care is a priority. Our remaining staff will update their qualifications at the end of the year.

Great community moments @ TC this week:

  • Signing off on an Entry student from a Photography elective borrowing an SLR camera for the weekend to complete a class task

  • Christmas in July celebrated in the RC with free hot chocolate and biscuits. It was fun to see a Santa-suited staff member playing downball with a group of students

  • Student led assemblies for all communities with a guest speaker from Little Dreamers followed up by Staff PD on the same topic

  • An extra meeting of College Council discussing strategies for effective use of technology and how to support students

  • Major work on the school production continuing with prop and set making during connect by many and a full try on of costumes. (Remember there is a Sewing B on Sunday in D7 10 am – 3pm details )

Finally, a plug for our fantastic canteen led by Jo and her team and register your votes:

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The more votes received the better our chance of becoming Melbourne’s Best School Canteen.  As we know this is already true, we need to let the rest of Melbourne know how brilliant our Canteen is.

Sally Holloway 

This Weeks Announcements

  • 2020 Subject Selection process has begun

  • 2020 Subject Selection EXPO – Save the date!

  •  Attendance Goal Setting

  • Community Competitions

  • Community Events

  • Student, Parent, Teacher Conferences

  • Headlice

Last Weeks Announcements

  • 2020 Subject Selection

  • Subject Selection Expo

  • Improving School Attendance

  • New design for Student ID cards at Templestowe College

  • Costume Jewellery for the Production

  • Oxfam's “What She Makes campaign” 

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This Weeks Announcements

2020 Subject Selection process has begun

Subject Selection 2020 was launched at each Community assembly this week and in Connect groups. Students will be receiving their English and Math’s recommendations next week and further discussions will take place in Connect. Re-visiting 5 year plans and creating their ILP will be the focus of this time. Again, can we please encourage lots of conversation at home with your child in regards to their pathway and choices.

The subject selection handbook for 2020 can be found here.

Any questions, please contact your Connect teacher.

2020 Subject Selection EXPO – Save the date!

When: August 7th

Time: 3pm – 6pm

Where: S Wing

Have your ever wondered…

What subjects are offered at TC?

What is VCAL?

What is VET?

What is the difference between VCE, VCAL or VET?

What is the difference between the different English classes offered in VCE?

I am an Entry into FLE, what do I choose?

What is this Swinburne Pathway I hear about?

Come to Subject Selection Expo and learn about the fantastic learning opportunities TC has to offer. There will be a large Expo set up and many presentations you can attend to learn more about pathways at TC and subject selection. Teachers will be available to help you navigate this experience and you can grab a sausage or a cake to enjoy, and enjoy some musical entertainment in the background as you wander the Expo.

If you have any questions, please contact your Connect mentor

Attendance Goal Setting

Over the next 2 weeks our students will be taking part in an attendance check-in and goal setting task within their connect groups. Mentors will be facilitating this task with students, which aims to help our students have a better understanding of how to read their attendance data sets, be informed about their progress, set improvement goals and plan for success. We encourage parents to further this discussion around attendance at home, because as the research shows, “every day counts”, when it comes to students being engaged and achieving their full potential whilst at school!

Community Competitions

This term we’re lucky to run many different competitions, so you can help support your community no matter what your skills and interests may be! We’re running:

-        Science Photography Competition: Where you take a photo of scientific relevance and write a short (less than 100 words) blurb about what it’s demonstrating. This could be a photo of an experiment in class, of a local outdoor environment, or even of your peers and their biological traits. Science is everywhere! Submit your photos to Thomas Kennedy by the end of week 4.

-        Gaming competition: this event always draws a crowd, we will be gathering in the PAC on the 14th of August during connect (Wednesday week 5). Where teams from each community will represent in an epic Mario Cart race (8 players on a Wii). Various connect groups have been training to compete in the competition. Come on down to support or show off your talents.

-        Athletics Competition: On the Monday of week 8 we’re running Athletics day!! One of the best community events of the year. Not only will we have the classic activities like shotput, track and long jump, we’ll also be running fun activities like tug of war. The sports captains are interested in your suggestions for any activities they could run.

-        Dodgeball Competition: Come to the sports Centre during Connect in Week 9 and dodge duck dive dip dodge. We’ll run the competitions the same as we did for basketball, with two communities playing per day.

-        Music Competition: One of the most spectacular competitions that we put together at TC, the entries are always varied and entertaining. Each community has a set time on stage where they can present their skill, showmanship, and community involvement. This is an opportunity for all students of varied experience to create a performance and share it. Whether you’re the lead singer or playing the triangle we want you to come and have fun with your community.

Community Events

Next week Pic 1.png

This term we’re running community evenings in Week 7 and 8, they’re an opportunity for people and families within a community to connect and have some fun. Bring along a plate of snacks or a bag of chips and some friends. Everyone has a favourite family boardgame that you can bring along to share, otherwise, we’ll have a range of cards and games that you share. We’ll also have a screen playing some classic shows or movies (to be voted on the night).

So, come along and join us for some snacks, fun and games!!

Student, Parent, Teacher Conferences

Student, Parent, Teacher Conferences are now available to book through compass.


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Last Weeks Announcements

2020 Subject Selection

Students will be beginning their 2020 subject selection process next week during Connect time. This will be launched at Community assemblies followed by sessions with students and teachers in Connect time. Can we please encourage students and parents to together re-visit their 5 year plans and think about what subjects you would like to pursue in 2020.

Click here for the link to the 2020 subject Handbook

Subject Selection Expo

Ever wondered what the difference between VCE, VCAL and VET was? Ever wondered what pathway of subjects were available to you? We have some amazing opportunities for learning on offer at TC for 2020. Please pop in your calendar today our Subject Selection Expo, August 7th 3-6pm in S Wing. All students and families are welcome and it promises to be an excellent and informative afternoon.

Improving School Attendance

Positive student attendance correlates with positive educational, wellbeing and lifelong outcomes and is a protective factor against school non-completion, poverty, unemployment and poor health outcomes. Improving student attendance is, therefore, not simply about improving school data, but also about improving lifelong opportunities for the students in general.

The attached graph shows the impact of non-attendance and its direct correlation to a student’s educational and social development.

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If you require further support with any attendance related issues, please make time to talk with your Head of House or Community Leader.

New design for Student ID cards at Templestowe College

As you are aware that our Student ID Cards now have the PTV Logo on our cards.  TC has a licence from Public Transport Victoria to use their logo on our student ID Cards. This is a new and flexible arrangement with Public Transport Victoria.  This means that students at TC will no longer have to arrange, pay for and carry the dedicate PTV School Student ID to travel on student passes or concession fares.  Students will still need to carry their student ID with their valid MYKI with credit. This is valid for 12month period.


Costume Jewellery for the Production.

Donations to Sally Holloway at the General Office or S Wing.   

Please feel free to contact me.

Oxfam's “What She Makes campaign”