TC 2018-2021 Vision: To co-create high quality learning experiences within an inclusive and supportive community

To the TC Community,

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In some short assemblies this week it was announced to students that TC has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Australian Education Awards - Secondary School of the Year Government category. TC is among 8 schools that have been nominated for this award, with the Awards Ceremony being held in August in Sydney.

In speaking to our students, I spoke about how this award shortlisting will not change anything that we do here @ TC. We are on a plan based around continual improvement focusing on our TC2018-2021 Vision. We know that we are not perfect, no school ever is, but this award gives our community recognition into the hard work that is put into our innovative model of education that always puts students at the centre of their education.

Announcements for Next Week

  • Semester 1 Exams

  • Sports Update

  • Berry Street Workshops on offer to Parents

  • Subject Selection for Semester 2 has now closed

  • TC Ration Challenge: An Update

    Last Weeks Announcements

  • Semester 2 Elective Subject Selection Starts Next Week

  • Clubs - Help Wanted

  • 2019 Ration Challenge Update

  • External Event - Mental Health Workshop - Good Enough Parenting

  • NAPLAN Now Complete

  • Sports Update

Previous Weeks Relevant Announcements

  • Student Free Day Announcement - Clarification

  • VCE/VCAL Attendance

  • Student Free Day Announcement

  • Earn and Learn is On Again

  • Term Dates for the Year

Announcements for Next Week

Semester 1 Exams

 The 2019 Semester 1 Exam Period will run between Friday June 7 and Friday June 14. Templestowe College sees exams as an opportunity for students to demonstrate their learning, and as valuable preparation for VCE examinations in future years. The following studies/subjects offer Semester Exams:

  •  All Unit 1 Studies

  • All Pre-VCE Subjects

 Attached is our Student Information Sheet and Exam Timetable for further details. Students are required to utilise the link within the Student Information Sheet to self-manage any clashes or required reschedules, this should be completed  by Friday the 31st of May.

Sports Update

 Congratulations to everyone who was involved in the Colour Run last Friday.  The winning community was Green (130), Blue (69) and then Gold(53).  Winning competitors in their respective age groups were Tiarnach Oconnor, Carstens Bayers, Anna French, Chloe Maysen, Sullivan Everett, Charlotte Beattie, Yanina Dehearne, Chris Daskolou, Alice Egerton- Warburton.  We also had our senior girls win the division netball which was a great result as they had no subs throughout the competition. Next week the following will be taking place in sport:

 MON: Netball lunchtime training

TUES: Division cross country competition.  Meet at the Sports Centre at 8.30am.

           Soccer lunchtime training

           Visit from Collingwood Football Club (more details to come)

THURS: Connect sports training for- Intermediate/ U14/ Entry AFL, soccer, netball.

              Badminton lunchtime training  

Berry Street Workshop For Parents: Teenage Aggression Responding Assertively ( TARA)

Please find below information on a 2 x 1/2 day workshop for parents being run by Berry Street.

Subject Selection for Semester 2 Has Now Closed

Now that Subject Selection for Semester 2 has now closed, we will be working to allocate students into their new classes. Thank you to those who all completed this task on time.

2019 Ration Challenge Update

 Our team now consists of 29 students, 8 parents and 3 staff and we are currently ranked 2nd school in Australia with $4394 already raised, which is only $606 off our $5000 and we still have 3 weeks before the challenge actually starts! Thank you to those who have already generously supported us.

 The Ration Challenge is a fundraising initiative where you eat the same rations as a Syrian refugee living in a camp in Jordan during Refugee Week (16-23 June).  Our TC team do the 3 (Junior) or 5 (Senior) day schools challenge, which has some added protein and fresh fruit and veggies essential for young people. But there is no sugar, coffee…or chocolate! As participants reach various fundraising targets they gain extra ingredients such as tea bags, spices and extra protein.

 The funds raised will provide refugees with food, healthcare and education and the students involved experience how it might feel to ‘walk in a refugee’s shoes’, developing empathy and compassion. It’s also an opportunity to live simply and reflect on how lucky we are.

 If you would like to get behind our school’s ration challenge team here is the sponsor link:

Or if you would like to directly sponsor our TC participants and help them reach their personal targets their sponsor links are listed below:


Keisha Sadler

Jasmine King

Jason McIlroy

Tahlia Sadler

Anna French

Ella Van Der Lans

Vandana Pereira

Chantelle Frigo

Angelica Frigo

Naomi Bruinsma

Alina Marquardt

Archana Pereira

Caelin Dockley

Helena  Van Der Lans

Caelan Haramis

Sahara Woodworth

Lucy Singh

Amelia White

Sucheta Pereira

Nina Tidd

Dawn Mosos-Churches

Georden Cokalis

Daniel Westein

Holly Jellis

Jordyn Webster

Lily Dixon

Trixie Kneebone

Frankie Meredith

Charley Dewey


Alexander Curl

Athena Illiadis

Meg Bailey

 If you would like to participate, email for a sign up form.

 One member of staff with LONG hair has pledged to shave their hair if we can raise $10000! Can you guess who it is? He is getting nervous!

 On Saturday 15 June there is a Welcome to Eltham Refugee Week community Bush Dance in Warrandyte. See the poster attached for details. We have also invited Niro from Tuka Tuka Rothu Roti Man, an asylum seeker enterprise, to cook lunch for us on Tuesday of Refugee Week.

 Meg Bailey

TC Leader for Global Citizenship

Last Weeks Announcements

Mental Health Workshop - Good Enough Parenting

Please find below information on a workshop being organised by a member of our community for educators, community leaders and medical professionals with the purpose of building skills in dealing with mental health issues in the family (child/adolescent/parents).

VCE/VCAL Attendance

 In order to authenticate VCE/VCAL work requirements and provide the necessary face-to-face learning supports for students undertaking a VCE/VCAL study, all VCE and VCAL students must meet the 90% approved attendance requirement to be awarded an S for a Unit. Approved absences are considered as illness/medical related, provided a medical certificate is supplied, and any school based activities such as camps, excursions etc. Other absences are not considered as approved and count against a student’s VCE attendance percentage.  

 Under the VCAA guidelines, schools may approve special provisions and arrangements for both classroom learning and School-based Assessments for their students. The VCAA recognises that school personnel, because of our knowledge of individual students and their circumstances, can sensitively vary the school assessment programs to accommodate student circumstances. Essentially, this means we can approve for students to be exempt from the 90% rule if they qualify under any of below reasons.

 • an acute or chronic illness

• a long-term impairment or disability

• personal circumstances.

 VCE/VCAL catch up sessions are available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday between 3:30pm and 4:45pm and are run from S Wing. Attending one of these sessions equates to 1 missed class for 1 subject. Students completing VCE are limited to 5 catch up sessions per study, per Unit. Students completing VCAL are limited to 10 catch up sessions per study, per semester.

 If you have any further questions relating to VCE or VCAL attendance please contact Aaron Mackinnon ( Assistant Principal to discuss further.

Student Free Day announcement

This is advanced notice that we will be holding a student free day on Monday 17th June 2019. This is one of the 4 days that every school has available to them to carry out whole school Professional Development. We have already had two days at the beginning of the Year in Term 1, and shall be taking our 4th day at the beginning of term 3.

Earn & Learn is on again

Woolworths has just launched Earn & Learn, and we're once again joining it. For those parents who aren't aware of the program, if you shop at Woolworths between 1st of May and the 25th of June you can earn stickers. Our school will be collecting these stickers which we'll be able to swap for new school equipment; things like art and craft supplies, sports gear, teaching aids, and more. There are thousands we can choose from!

So for any parents who shop at Woolworths, please collect those stickers and drop them in to our collection box, which is located at both The Pines Shopping Centre and Macedon Square, as well as directly to us at school.

Thanks for helping out!

Term Dates for the Year

Please see the table below as a reminder for some of the key term dates for 2019:


Have a good weekend,

Peter Ellis


Templestowe College