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  • This Weeks Announcements
    • TC Cafe Menu - New
    • TC Swimming Carnival 1st March
    • VCE Attendance
    • VCE Information Evening Presentation
    • Sports Update
    • Scarlett Fever
  • Last Weeks Announcements
    • New House Colours and Themes
    • Afterschool tutoring
    • Coles Sports for Schools Vouchers
    • On Demand Testing Week 4 and 5
    • Graduate students new opportunity to order hoodies
    • TC Performing Arts and TC Records News
    • NAPLAN
    • Music @ TC News
    • Student Enrolment Notice
  • Previous messages that are still relevant
    • Upcoming Events
    • Student Parent Teacher Interviews – Change of Date
    • Attendance @ TC
    • TC Café News
    • VCAA Special Exam Considerations Information (for VCE Students)
    • After School Tutoring
    • Performing Arts: Stage Dive Every Week
    • School Calendar for Term 1
    • Term Dates for the Year
    • TC Hoodies Announcement
    • VCE Catch Up Sessions
    • Panorama Bus Departure Times
    • Compass Log in
    • Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)
    • Times of the Day 2018
    • Permaculture Open Day

This Weeks Announcements

TC Cafe Menu

Please find below our new menu for the TC Cafe. 

tc swimming carnival - 1st march

Please find below a three minute video with information on our upcoming swimming carnival:

VCE Attendance

 Some families may have received notifications about VCE Attendance and it being below 90%. Please be aware that the attendance figures that are used for VCE attendance are taken at the end of each week through a report that is produced at 1.30pm each Friday afternoon. These figures are used to identify any student that is below the minimum 90% requirement. Once identified, each student for each VCE subject they are below 90% receive a Compass notification via a Compass Chronicle. The Compass Chronicle is created by the school’s Attendance Officer and the communication from Compass at that point is automated. The communication is intended to make each student and family aware so that it can be acted upon and help to avoid any future issues with successfully achieving an ‘S’ outcome.

If you believe that this is received in error, please access Compass and look into your (child’s) attendance, ensuring that the dates used are from the 1 Feb 2018 to the most recent Friday. For example: if a notification is received next week then access Compass and use the dates 1 Feb 2018 to 23 Feb 2018 to filter the information. If you still believe this to be an error please email the school’s Attendance Officer, Sjin Kim (

VCE Information Session for Parents

 The powerpoint that was used for the VCE Information Session for Parents is attached.

One specific question raised related to the duration of time that can be taken to complete VCE. VCAA have clarified this morning that there is no limit to the validity of VCE units of study, essentially meaning that the VCE can be done over a period longer than three years, which is often the default duration for most schools. Whilst this offers great flexibility for students that need this time, it may not be the best way to maximise achievement.

For parents of students undertaking VCE study please take the time to view it and feel free to contact Matthew Daly ( if you have any questions or require clarification on any VCE-related matters.

Sports Update:

  1. MON- Senior/ Intermediate Sports Training for those students signed up.
  2. TUES- Mullum Senior volleyball and tennis interschool sport competition.
  3. THURS- TC Community Cup Swim (see video above for FAQ regarding event)


A student at TC has been diagnosed with Scarlet Fever. Scarlet Fever is a contagious bacterial throat infection that also features a red ('scarlet') rash. It is spread through coughing/sneezing, contact with contaminated surface and making physical contact with the infected person.

Symptoms of scarlet fever usually appear between one and three days after infection and include a very red sore throat and a red rash.

Red blotches are the first sign of the rash, which then changes to look like sunburn and feel like sandpaper. The rash will probably appear about two days after the child starts feeling ill, but can appear before they feel sick or up to a week later. 

They may also have:

  • a whitish coating on their tongue or throat
  • red bumps on their tongue – it looks like a strawberry
  • headache
  • abdominal pain, nausea & vomiting
  • chills
  • very sore throat and tonsils – swallowing is difficult
  • swollen glands
  • aches all over their body

Treatment is normally a course of antibiotics from your doctor. If your child appears to be unwell with any of the above symptoms, please see your GP. 

Announcements from Last Week

From our student community leaders - new house names and themes

As students and staff are aware, over the past two weeks community leaders have been gaining student feedback on community colours and themes. Today the final decisions were processed based on feedback and surveys conducted over the last few days.

Have a think about how you could incorporate your community colours into your awesome costumes for the upcoming community swimming carnival on the 1st of March!

Please see below for the final results:

Sando’s Community:

Colour- Blue.

Theme- Planets.

Community Name- Blue Community.

Community Leaders- Jas Sekhon, Alice Lambert, John Sanderson.

Heads of House- Wes Pfitzner, Katrina Glass/Tony Costanzo, Katie Conlon, Chloe Hancock.

Michael’s Community:

Colour- Green.

Theme- Greek gods/goddesses.

Community Name- Athena Community.

Community Leaders- Jack Sadler, Charlotte Sikkes, Michael Mance.

Heads of House- Aaron Floyed, Jessie Ravenscroft, Sophie Parthenides, Mia Cooper.

Ceri/Veronica’s Community:

Colour- Gold.

Theme- Egyptian gods/goddesses.

Community Name- Gold Community.

Community Leaders- Liv Rimmington, Maya Pradhan, Ceri Davies, Veronica Pender.

Heads of House- Anthony Owen, Beth Wigg, Cassidy Trousdale, Tony diFalco.


TC Community Leaders.


after school tutoring

Please find below information on after school tutoring that is available in the Resource Centre for all students. 

Coles sports for schools Vouchers

TC is collecting the Coles Sports for School vouchers to get some great sport equipment. Any time you visit Coles please collect the Sports for Schools vouchers and return to the general office or the resource centre! Happy shopping


Over the next two weeks all Entry, MAP, FLE, and Pre-VCE literacy and numeracy classes will be undertaking On Demand testing in one of their normal lessons. The On Demand tests require a networked laptop so all students must ensure that they take their charged BYO device with them to classes. 

The On Demand testing program is a valuable tool for schools. The tests have been constructed by the VCAA (Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority), and are designed with reference to the Victorian Curriculum. 

This is first round of On Demand testing for 2018. After the second round in semester two, every student will be able to judge and reflect upon the learning progress they have made over the past six months. Every individual’s progress, as determined by On Demand testing, will be shared with students and families via the ILP (Individual Learning Plan) platform in line with the following vision: 

If you would like any further information, or would like to discuss the On Demand testing, please contact Darren Irvine ( or Brian Daniells (  

New Opportunity to Order Grad Hoodies 

Here is the link for new graduates or students that missed out to order hoodies, varsity jackets or rugby jumpers. Orders close the 28th of February.

The additional order is setup and ready for you to start placing orders.

Click here to get started:

TC Performing Arts and TC Records News

Welcome back to another massively musical year at TC. Following on from 2017’s huge successes we will are co-creating a busy program of events and workshops for 2018.

This year will focus on bringing together and celebrating the creative pursuits of our musicians, drama makers, dancers, and media makers. This collaboration will see the creation of a weekly event held in the PAC Music Room on Monday lunchtimes called The Stage Dive Sessions.

Each week, a range of performances will be featured with special focus on encouraging new performers to share their creative work. If you have creative work that you want to share, get in touch at

The newly formed Performing Arts Student Council meets once a fortnight on alternate Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes in the PAC. Come down to contribute your ideas and energy to the creative mix. 

In addition to the regular Monday concerts and Performing Arts Council meetings, there will be a full program of musical events. Here is a selection dates for your calendars:

·      March 15 – TC BATTLE OF THE BANDS, School hours, PAC

·      June 19 – Regional ROCK FEST, School hours, PAC

·      May 23 + 24 – Evening Concerts, PAC

·      Week 9/10 – VCE Music Recital, Date TBC, PAC

·      July 18, 19, 20 – Performing Arts Intensive Workshop, Venue TBC

·      Aug 24, 25 – Performing Arts Showcase, PAC

·      Aug 30 – ROCKFEST National Final, School hours, PAC

·      Dec 5 – Jazz Night, RC


More information about these gigs will come out throughout the year. Stay tuned for lots of awesome TC Music!

2018 will also see many of our bands play in venues, at festivals, and at parties in the wider community. If you are looking for a band for entertainment for an event, please get in touch on

TC Records will broaden its scope to include an Artist Development program whereby students will be able to spend dedicated time in our recording studio with sound guru Pete Newmarch and the amazing team of student engineers. Find our more about this program by contacting

Check out our TC Records Souncloud at


There will shortly be a letter available concerning the NAPLAN tests taking place at the beginning of May. From my experience there is a wide range of emotions felt by students towards these tests, from excitement through to anxiety. As we are a Department of Education school, all students in Entry and those who sat the NAPLAN tests 2 years ago as Entry Students are required to sit the tests. For a student to withdraw from the tests they can only do so by parents request. The website for NAPLAN ( states: “however students may be withdrawn from the testing program by their parent/carer if there are religious beliefs or philosophical objections to testing”. For this to happen you will need to contact the school to obtain a withdrawal form before the tests are sat. Please see the letter when it is available for more information.

Music @ TC news

Please find below news from our Music and Performance department, including some contact details for our music staff.


Next week Entry students will bring home a hard copy of their Student Enrolment Information, while all other families will receive a soft copy via email. 

It is important that our records are accurate and up-to-date; therefore, we ask that you follow the instructions provided on the Student Enrolment Information Form and return the completed form to the General Office by Monday, 26 February 2018.  Please note, that families with two households will receive only the information relevant to their household.

Please click on the link below for our Privacy Notice, which explains why we collect certain information, how to update your records should your information change, and access to those records.

We thank you for your assistance, and should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the General Office on (03) 9850 6333.

Announcements Previous weeks

Upcoming Events

Please click below for a table of some of the upcoming events @ TC

Student Parent Teacher Interviews – Change of Date

Please note that we have now changed one of the dates of the Student Parent Teacher Interviews. These will now take place on the following:

  • Option 1: Wednesday 14th March
  • Option 2: Thursday 22nd March

On these days, no classes will run. There will be further details to follow on booking these appointments.

Attendance @ TC Guidelines

Please see below a document outlining attendance requirements @ TC.

TC Café News

Healthy food for healthy minds. Our aim is to create wholesome, fresh great tasting food options daily. 

Welcome to TC Café, firstly we would like to congratulate Joy on becoming a grandmother again to twins and wish her all the best for her on her long service leave. She will be dearly missed.

It has been a great start to the year with so many friendly faces popping into the café to say hello.  As you may have noticed we have made a few changes inside and outside the café with the addition of more tables and some beautiful plants. 

We have been trialling a few  menu options and have found the homemade granola cups, yoghurt fruit cups, fruit salad cups, Parma melts and pasta are extremely popular. 

We are open in the morning from 8.00am for breakfast. 

The new menu should be finalised next week, thank you for your patience. And on behalf of all of us here have a fantastic weekend.

Jo, Shelley and Marj 

VCAA Special Exam Considerations Information (for VCE Students)

“We would just like to remind everyone that the closing date for the submission of 2018 Special Examination Arrangements applications for long-term or chronic conditions is Friday, March 2nd. We are therefore requesting that parents of any students, or students themselves, who believe that they meet the criteria for special consideration for exams inform Matt Harris or Sally Holloway via and . We ask that this be done by Wednesday, February 21st, due to the requirements that are often required in order to complete these applications. Special provision may be provided in the form of a scribe, additional time, or use of a computer. If you would like any further information relating to the VCAA Special Provision Policy, you can use the following link:

After School Tutoring in the Resource Centre

There is After School Tutoring available for all students on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the Resource Centre. Please see the information on this below.

Performing Arts: Stage Dive Every Week

The performing arts program will be kicking off its new weekly performance program, The Stage Dive Sessions, on Monday at lunchtime. These will be occurring every Monday lunchtime, starting at 1:40, and will be filled with student pieces from across dance, music, drama and media.

School Calendar for Term 1

Please find attached our planner for term 1. This document in its current state has some events that aren’t confirmed, these are the ones in red writing. The Planner at TC is a dynamically moving document. This is the version as it is today. The weekly announcements and Compass are probably the most up to date ways of seeing the upcoming events.

Term Dates for the Year

Please see the table below for some of the key term dates for 2018

TC Hoodies

Please find below a message from our supplier of hoodies:

We are pleased to inform you that production has commenced on your order.

The projected delivery date for your order is 1/03/2018.

We will touch base with you throughout the production process to keep you updated. If your garments are ready earlier than projected, we will be in touch.

Final things to note:

1.    No further modifications can be made now that production has commenced.

2.    Reform will not take any responsibility for misspelled, incorrect or missing information.

We are excited to deliver your amazing garments, and are confident that everybody receiving a garment will be just as impressed with the end result!

VCE Catch Up Sessions

VCE Attendance Catch-up Sessions begin in the Silent Room on Monday 5 February. Catch-up Sessions will run weekly through the year at the following times:

Monday: 3.30pm to 4.40pm

Tuesday: 3.30pm to 4.40pm

Wednesday 1.30pm to 2.40pm

Thursday: 3.30pm to 4.40pm

Please be aware that ALL VCE students are required to meet the minimum VCE attendance requirements in 2018; this is currently set at 90%. Please see the attachment ‘Brief for VCE Attendance’ for further clarity on meeting the VCE attendance mark.

Panorama Bus Departure Times

A reminder that all the Panorama Bus leave at 3:37 every day of the week. Wednesday and Friday afternoons offer the opportunity for students to take part, and run clubs here @ TC or take part in the tutoring available. Please see the item in this item named “Wednesday and Friday Clubs” to see what is available for students to sign up to.

Compass Login for Parents

Please follow the link below to find information to help you with logging onto Compass for the first time as a parent or if you have lost your username or password. Parents, please note that you need to use the email address/mobile that was provided on your enrolment form for password recovery to work. If you have not logged into Compass yet, you should use this link to find help on obtaining your username and password:

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF)

If you hold a valid Concession Card/Health Care Card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF.  The allowance is paid to TC to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

The annual CSEF amount per students is $225.00.  Please find attached the CSEF Application form.  Please complete and return to the General Office with a copy of the relevant Concession Card.

From Drew in our Permaculture Garden:

We're having an open day on Sunday 25th Feb, as part of this year's Sustainable Living Festival.

Here's the info from the SLF website. Can you please share it with the community.


Remember, you can always contact us to offer feedback on 

Have a good weekend,


Peter Ellis


Templestowe College