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Next Year @ TC - 21st December 2018

To the TC Community,

Announcements for Next Year

  • Return to 2019 Arrangements

  • Templestowe College Student Resource List 2019

  • A request from Montessori to help Furnish Our Spaces

Next Years Announcements

Return to 2019 Arrangements

The plan for students return to school in 2019 is:

  • Tuesday 29th January - Staff Professional Development - Student Free Day

  • Wednesday 30th January - Staff Professional Development - Student Free Day

  • Thursday 31st January - Classes are running for Entry Students and all VCE Classes

  • Friday 1st February - All students return and all classes running

Templestowe College Student Resource List 2019

 The TC 2019 Resource List can be found at Whilst we have paper copies of the booklist available at the administration office (a digital copy is also attached to this message), it is much easier to use the online ordering system accessible using the link above.

 North of the Yarra have also provided a special booklist for VCE English, EAL, and Literature novels that may be required for the Head Start program beginning on Monday 3 December. A copy of this Novel resource list can also be found at


 Entry to VCE Units 3/4 Resource Collection Date: Tuesday 29th January 2019 – 10am to 1pm

A Request from our Montessori Program: Furnishing our spaces

This term brings another exciting development for MAP in 2018. In Week 4 we will be refurbishing room D03 (adjacent to the current MAP room, via our kitchen) as our MAP Numeracy space and second permanent MAP room.

 We would like to make D03 a special space in which we can store all the MAP equipment and materials in a way that they are safe but also readily available for use during class time. This will enable us to set clearly defined expectations about our learning spaces, how we find them, use them and leave them. Montessori expects adolescents to care for their environment in a fully adult manner.

To construct this space within the true Montessori spirit of Prepared Environment, we wish – with TC’s approval – to provide beautiful furniture of natural materials and finish. We’d love if you know of, or happen to have, any timber furniture which you would be able to donate to the Program. If these items need repair or tlc, so much the better: of such experiences is great learning achieved. Already, two wooden tables have been found in hard rubbish by MAP staff! If you have any, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Steve French

Have a good weekend,


Peter Ellis


Templestowe College