To co-create high quality learning experiences within an inclusive and supportive community
— TC2018-2021 Our Vision

Next Week @ TC - 16th November 2018

To the TC Community,

A very short message from me this week. There is so much taking place here @ TC in a week that it is difficult to pick the successes to celebrate. My only message this week is to advertise the Futures Festival taking place next week on the 22nd of November. I encourage all to attend the event and not only support our Environmental Action group, but to just take part and enjoy the event. All are welcome to this event starting after school. I highly recommend that all members of our community attend, bring family and friends along to experience the event as well. I look forward to seeing many of you there!

This Weeks Announcements

  • TC Hoodies are Back and Now Available to Order

  • Attention 2019 Grads

  • Sports Update

  • A request from our MAP Program

Last Weeks Announcements

  • Futures Festival Announcement from the EAG

  • S Wing, Portables and Unit 4 Exams

  • Final WASHI for 2018 Released today

  • Sports Update

  • TC Farm Mini Market

Previous Weeks Announcements

  • TC Upstream Challenge

  • Student Survey for respectful relationships

  • Sports Update

  • Junior Social

  • Sports Update

  • Feedback @ TC

  • Whole School Hoodies Available including new 2019 Designs

  • Arrangements for the Beginning of 2019

  • Donations for Permaculture Garden

  • Welcome to our new community members

  • Student Leadership Opportunities for 2019

  • Attention 2019 Grads

  • Unit 4 Exam Preparation Attendance for FLE Students

  • Key Dates for term 4

This Weeks Announcements

School Hoodies are back and now available to order!!

Follow the link for NEW designs and styles.
Order closes 10th of December so order now so you don’t miss out!
Size range available in the Resource Centre.

ATTentioN 2019 Graduates!

2019 Grad Hoodies and Rugby jumpers are now available! Clink this link to see designs and order today!
Sizes are available in the RC to try.
DUE: 3rd December

Sports Update

Next week we have our Entry Boys/ Mixed hockey team and Entry/ U14 Girls basketball teams competing in the State Championships.  They have been training hard leading up to this event and we are confident they will do TC proud.  We also have our Entry/ U14 Gala Day on Wednesday with 61 students participating across futsal, handball, tag rugby and ultimate frisbee.

 Sports training continues this week during SSDP and will appear on students compass if they have signed up.  Training and competition are taking place on:

 MONDAY- State Hockey Training

                   State Basketball Competition

 TUESDAY- State Hockey Competition

 WEDNESDAY- Futsal/ Handball/ Tag Rugby/ Ultimate Frisbee Competition

 MONDAY- STU/ TTRI- Tag rugby (Oval)

                   BWA/ EHUM- Handball (SC)  


THURSDAY- TDI/ SLOC- Volleyball (SC)

A Request from our Montessori Program: Furnishing our spaces

This term brings another exciting development for MAP in 2018. In Week 4 we will be refurbishing room D03 (adjacent to the current MAP room, via our kitchen) as our MAP Numeracy space and second permanent MAP room.

 We would like to make D03 a special space in which we can store all the MAP equipment and materials in a way that they are safe but also readily available for use during class time. This will enable us to set clearly defined expectations about our learning spaces, how we find them, use them and leave them. Montessori expects adolescents to care for their environment in a fully adult manner.

To construct this space within the true Montessori spirit of Prepared Environment, we wish – with TC’s approval – to provide beautiful furniture of natural materials and finish. We’d love if you know of, or happen to have, any timber furniture which you would be able to donate to the Program. If these items need repair or tlc, so much the better: of such experiences is great learning achieved. Already, two wooden tables have been found in hard rubbish by MAP staff! If you have any, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Steve French

Last Weeks Announcements

Futures Festival Announcement - From Our Environmental Action Group

Hi TC Community,

The Environmental Action Group are excited to say that we will soon be having our second Futures Festival here at TC. On the 22nd of November with loads of funky music, delicious food and cool environmental stalls. We’re organising this festival to celebrate our amazing environment and help spread awareness and love about conservation programs running in our country. There will be environmental speakers between music sets, fun circus and basket weaving workshops, and much much more.

Bring all your friends from all over and your families too. For 2019 entry students it’s a brilliant way to get to know the community you’ll be joining.

 Come with a hungry stomach, some money for some cool merchandise and listening ears for some of our schools best bands!


S Wing, Portables and Exams

Please note that as of Monday Unit 4 exams will be held in the Portable. Please note this for your exams, or check Compass to see where your lessons have been moved to.

Final WASHI For 2018 Has Been Released

The final WASHI for 2018 has been released. This can be found on Compass.

Sports Update

Our Gala Day is fast approaching for futsal, handball, tag rugby and ultimate frisbee on 21st November.  A reminder that consent and payment is due 5 days prior to the event in order to be able to participate.

 Sports training continues this week during SSDP and will appear on students compass if they have signed up.  Training and competition are taking place on:

 MONDAY- All 2019 Sports Captains/ Leaders will have a meeting in the reading room.

THURSDAY- Futsal/ Handball/ Tag Rugby/ Ultimate Frisbee training during SSDP

Lunchtime training continues this week with the following taking place:

MONDAY- STU/ TTRI- Table tennis (S wing)/ Tag rugby (Oval)

                   BWA/ EHUM- Handball (SC)  


THURSDAY- TDI/ SLOC- Volleyball (SC)

Previous Weeks Announcements

TC Upstream Challenge

6 members of the TC Community have signed up for the Upstream Challenge to raise money for Fareshare – Fighting Hunger. This Challenge requires us to walk 20km along the Yarra River from Yarra Flats to Donvale on Saturday, November 10. Through our student excursions to the Fareshare Kitchen we have developed a huge amount of respect for Fareshare and the work they do in rescuing food, educating the community and fighting hunger in Melbourne and we hope to raise at least $2000 to help them continue to do so.

 If you would like to donate please use this link:

 Search for us by individual name (we each need a minimum of $200) or by team (Templestowe College). The team consists of Wes Pfitzner, Meg Bailey, Victor DE KOSTER, Wendy Gooley, Joe Lambert and Tim Lambert.

 In addition, some students are organising a bake stall to help raise the funds next Thursday so be sure to support us by buying something.


TC Upstream Challenge team

Student survey for Respectful Relationships evaluation 

 Dear TC Families

Your child has been invited to take part in a survey as part of the state-wide evaluation of Respectful Relationships, this will occur during SSDP in week 6. This is because Templestowe College is participating in the Respectful Relationships initiative. Victoria’s Respectful Relationships initiative supports school leaders, teachers and our school communities to promote and model respect and gender equality – and to teach our children how to build healthy relationships, and develop resilience and confidence. As part of the Respectful Relationships initiative schools are supported to take a whole school approach to embedding a culture of respect and equality across our entire school community. As part of an evaluation of the program, students are invited to complete a short survey in class. The purpose of the survey is to test the impact of Respectful Relationships and allow students to provide feedback on the program. 

Attached is further information on the survey, and an opt-out consent form. If you would not like your child to participate in the survey, please complete and return the opt-out consent form to the school. Regardless of whether you return the form, your child will be able to choose to not participate in the survey, and can choose to stop participating in the survey at any time. 

If you have any questions, you can contact Wes Pfitzner or Chloe Hancock

 Wes Pfitzner & Chloe Hancock

Sports Update

We had another great week of sporting results for TC with our Under 14 Girls winning the Region Basketball Titles and our Intermediate Boys coming runners up in table tennis.  We are also pleased to announce our 2019 Sports Captains/ Leaders who will be working to build on the success of our sporting program next year.  The team consists of:

 Sports Captains: Aisha Meredith- Peck, Andrew Thompson, Tom Elms.

Sports Leaders: Chloe Mayson, Ethan Brougham, Finn Dalton, Jaiaan Fontyne, Lachlan Allen, Ollie Jenkins, Ruby Elms, Sienna Kardaras, Tahlia Leeson.

 Sports training continues this week during SSDP and will appear on students compass if they have signed up.  Training and competition are taking place on:

 THURSDAY- Futsal/ Handball/ Tag Rugby/ Ultimate Frisbee training during SSDP

 Lunchtime training continues this week with the following taking place:

 MONDAY- STU/ TTRI- S WING Table tennis/ Tag rugby  

                   BWA/ EHUM- SC  


Last Weeks Announcements

Junior Social - 29th November

 TC offers a fantastic event for our students 15 years and under.

Looking for the perfect celebration to end 2018 on a high? TC has you covered. The Junior Social is a fun night to dress up, dance with friends and socialise with the TC community. Soft drink, chilled water and a light supper are included. There is a cost of $20 per ticket. Payments and consent can be made via Compass. Payment by 16th of November.

All students must be signed in and released at the end of the evening to an adult. If other commitments mean late arrival or early pick up, please pass on this information to Sally Holloway.

If any students are interested in helping to organise decorations, choosing music and any activities running on the night, please contact the RC team.

Feedback @ TC

I would like to remind everyone that we have a feedback line available to all. This feedback line is the email address and this goes directly to myself. Whilst I spend a huge amount of time of the day talking to students, this offers an opportunity for parents, or those students that I do not get to see during the day, to be able to give feedback.

Whole School Hoodies Available

 Although we are a non-uniform school, TC offers branded hoodies from REFORM which are warm and comfortable for the cooler months. This order includes NEW designs including a zip hoodie and a ¼ zip fleece. Please find link to ‘How to Order’ document and link below to start ordering!

Size range is available in the Resource Centre. Orders will close mid-December, this also allows for our 2019 Entry’s and new FLE students to also place orders.

Happy ordering

Arrangements for the Beginning of 2019

We have been asked about the arrangements for the beginning of 2019, as some families are planning their return from Holidays. The plan is:

  • Tuesday 29th January - Staff Professional Development - Student Free Day

  • Wednesday 30th January - Staff Professional Development - Student Free Day

  • Thursday 31st January - Classes are running for Entry Students and all VCE Classes

  • Friday 1st February - All students return and all classes running

Donations for Permaculture Garden

 Our permaculture team is again looking for some interesting items for junkscaping and garden art. If you can assist with any of the following items, call Drew on 0412 400 875:


  • Old broken tools, either carpentry or gardening

  • Damaged circular saw blades

  • Small (12 or 16 inch) bicycle wheels

  • Plastic stacking worm farms

  • Pressed steel bathtubs

  • Red clay pavers (65mm thick preferred)

 We are also looking for volunteer who knows how to spin wool, to help some of our students. Preferred times would be Wednesday afternoons.


Welcome to our new community members who will be receiving this update for the first time. We like to start to send this to our 2019 community as it gives you an idea of the sort of things happening at TC on a weekly basis. We have this communication that gives announcements on upcoming events, or just general messages for the community. It is currently a very important form of communication for us and we recommend that you always check this each week.

A lot of the announcements may not be relevant to you just yet. For example if you are an Entry student of 2019 there will be very few that are. We will also continue to contact you through email as well. If you have any questions over anything that you read, please do not hesitate to contact someone at TC.

Student Leadership 2019

The file below contains information around the following leadership roles @ TC in 2019:

  • Student Community Leader

  • Student House Leader

  • Sports Captain/Leaders

  • Entry and Transition Camp 2019


You are now able to order your 2019 Hoodies and Rugby Jumpers! Please follow the information provided in the attachment to place your order. We currently have a size range of Hoodies in the Resource Centre and Rugby Jumpers will be available in a few weeks.

Order closes the 3rd of DECEMBER, don’t forget, order today!

Unit 4 Exam Preparation Attendance for FLE Students

Please find below information for Non Grad students studying a unit 4 subject around attendance at TC during the exam time.

Key Dates for Term 4

Please find below some key dates for term 4:

Thursday 18th October - Grads Final Day - Breakfast and whole school assembly

Wednesday 24th October - Final official day of Unit 4 classes

Wednesday 31st October - English Unit 4 Exam

Thursday 29th November - Junior Social

Friday 30th November - Final 2018 Assembly

Monday 3rd December - 2019 Classes start for all 2019 students (above 2019 Entry Level)

Friday 14th December - Last Day of official classes running

Friday 21st December - Last Day of the year

Have a good weekend,


Peter Ellis


Templestowe College