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Next Week @ TC 15/6/2018

To the TC Community,

This Weeks Announcements:

  • Refugee Week @ TC
  • VCE Classes Next Week & Attendance at the School Formal
  • Congratulations to Kaho - Victorian International Student of the Year Award Winner
  • Senior Formal Next Week
  • Exams Taking Place Next Week - Unit 1 and Pre VCE

Last Weeks Announcements

  • Opportunity for Pathway to Manhood Camp
  • VCE Attendance
  • Instance of Chicken Pox @ TC

Previous Weeks Announcements

  • Science Week @ TC Poster
  • Seeking Permaculture Garden donations
  • TC Family Event - How to Navigate Your Teens Mental Health
  • Students SSDP Project
  • Unexpected Exciting Announcement - Resource centre 2.0
  • Ration Challenge @ TC
  • Changed traffic conditions during the day
  • VCE Attendance 2018 for Unit 1 and 3
  • Attendance
  • Chicken Pox
  • College Council 2018
  • Collection of Student Mobile Numbers
  • TC Facebook
  • Updated Getting to know TC Document

This Weeks Announcements

Refugee Week @ TC

Next Week is Refugee week @ TC. Please find below some information on a few of the activities running.

VCE Classes Next Week & Attendance at the School Formal

Given the special occasion of the School Formal taking place on the evening of Friday 22 June 2018  VCE attendance requirements for VCE for that day will be optional for consolidation of work. “Exempt”  will be  assigned  to VCE classes on that day only.

Here’s to a good evening for all!  We anticipate a fabulous night with close to 300  students and staff attending the event at the Ivanhoe Centre.

Congratulations to Kaho - Victorian International Student of the Year Award Winner

At the recent Victorian International Student Awards, a member of the TC Community, Kaho, was awarded the International Student of the Year - Sports Award. This was in recognition of Kahos' achievements in Tennis, squash and other racket sports. This is a special and well deserved achievement for Kaho. Kaho is the the third TC Student to have won an International Student award, with previous winners winning awards in the categories of the creative arts and community service. The video made about her achievements can be viewed below.

Senior Formal Next Week

A reminder that the Senior Formal is next Friday. We are all looking forward to an excellent evening.

Exams Taking Place Next Week - Unit 1 and Pre VCE

We have our Unit 1 and Pre VCE Exams taking place next week. All students have been emailed the exam timetable. This is an important step in students being able to prepare for the next stage of their learning by being able to prepare for the VCE Exam conditions.

Last Weeks Announcements

Opportunity for "Pathways to Manhood Camp"

The message below is from our Educational Psychologist for an opportunity run externally to TC that may of interest to the community:

"I just wanted share this 5-day bush camp (Pathways to Manhood), which is for boys aged 13-15 years and their fathers or a male mentor. The camp aims to help kids improve on their communication skills and social confidence. It also claims to result in stronger more respectful and supportive father relationships, Increased respect for women, and increased motivation in setting goals relating to both school and the community. It works with the kids on managing anger and anxiety. How good does it sound? Even though it’s in September, people will need to get in early. Cost for the camp is $1900; this cost include both father/mentor and son. There is more information in the link below"

VCE Attendance

Please be aware that Unit 4 studies officially began on Monday 4 June 2018. This means that the cut-off for Unit 3 attendance has now closed, as of Friday 1 June 2018. Any students affected by their VCE attendance being less than 90%, as of 1 June 2018, will be contacted shortly by email that is generated through a Compass Chronicle.

Unit 4 attendance requirements will run from 4 June 2018 through to the 23 October 2018 inclusive. Please endeavour to meet, at least, the minimum requirements of 90% VCE Attendance by the 23 October 2018.

Unit 1 attendance will close on Friday 15 June 2018. Please endeavour to meet, at least, the minimum requirements of 90% VCE Attendance by the 15 June 2018.

Matthew Daly

Instance of Chicken Pox @ TC

Please find below a letter detailing a recent case of Chicken Pox @ TC.

Previous Weeks Announcements

Seeking Permaculture Garden donations

 Our Permaculture garden and sustainability centre continue to grow and we need more junk items for innovative building and alternative technology projects. Donations of any of the following items would be greatly appreciated:

  • Old stainless steel kettles (leaking or not working). Plastic base electric ones are OK, but not total plastic please. Rusty galvanised buckets or watering cans (no plastic ones please). Donated items can be left in the donation bin outside the permaculture garden on the back driveway.
  • Round trampoline frame, 3.0 metre diameter. We are happy to take the whole trampoline, and can pick up and disassemble at your home. Please call Drew on 0412 400 875 to discuss.
  • A working sandwich press. (Flat plates preferred, not jaffle style). Please leave in donation bin.
  • A working 12V air compressor/car tyre inflator. Please leave in donation bin.
  • Any old broken/worn out gardening or woodworking tools. Please leave in donation bin.
  • Old picket fence panels. Please call Drew on 0412 400 875 to discuss.

Science Week @ TC Poster

Please find below a poster for Science Week @ TC

Previous Weeks Announcements

TC Family Event - How to Navigate Your Teens Mental Health

How to navigate your teens Mental Health, Presented by the Black Dog Institute.

Templestowe College, Wednesday 30th June 6-6.45pm in the PAC.

Bookings Essential:

Message from Students - SSDP Project

As part of SSDP project, we are conducting a Krispy Kreme Donut drive and it was suggested that we put the attached files in the Next Week at TC email in order to spread the word. If you are able to do this that would be great.


As you may have noticed, the 2018 Work and Study Habits Index (WASHI) has been revised to include new criteria, increasing from four categories to eight.

The purpose of the WASHI is to provide a snapshot of attendance, punctuality, preparedness, engagement and participation, collaboration, independence and academic progress. This is achieved through a scaling system of Never, Rarely, Occasionally, Frequently and Always which equates to a score between 0 and 4.

In previous years, ESDP students have had to maintain a WASHI level greater than 2.5 to remain in the program against a whole school average of 2.3. This has now been revised to a new target of 3.0, reflecting the updated criteria and scoring. This target level has been derived by Community Leaders and Heads of House after consultation with Ian Stacker (ESDP Basketball) and John Strateas (ESDP Futsal).

It is important to note that after two cycles of the 2018 WASHI, the average student score across TC is 3.1.  As a member of ESDP, it is important that each student aspires to work above this average point.

Should you have any feedback please feel free to contact your students Head of House or Community Leader.

Unexpected Exciting Announcement - Resource centre 2.0

Last Friday we received highly unexpected news that as a school we had received $3.25 million as part of a government scheme based around Asbestos Removal in Schools. This funding has been allocated to knock down and then rebuild the Resource Centre. The Resource Centre is one of the oldest buildings in the school as it was the old Municipal Library.

The replacement building will be a permanent modular building. These permanent modular buildings are used as there will be minimal disruption to the running of the school as the buildings are created off site and then transported to their new location. Initial timelines indicate that we will be without a Resource Centre for about 5 months at the beginning of 2019.

There is a department website for this project, along with the 20 other schools that have received this funding. The website can be found by clicking below. There will be more updates when we know more.

Ration Challenge @ TC

The Ration Challenge is about telling refugees we are with them, not against them. During refugee week, June 17th-23th, some TC students and staff are challenging themselves to eat the same rations as a refugee and get sponsored to do it. If you would like to sponsor them, please use the link:

Changed Traffic Conditions on School Grounds During the Day

Due to the amount of traffic moving through the school during the day we are changing the traffic conditions after the peak times for drop off and pick up.

Cars will not be able to exit through the back gate onto Ridgeway Street and Dellfield Drive between the times of 9:00am and 3:00pm. All cars will be required to exit at these times by the Front Entrance at Cypress Avenue. We will still operate our one way system at peak times for drop off and pick up.

This change has been made in order to enhance the safety of students when moving around the College. We would also like to remind all members of the community that we have a 10km/h speed limit on our grounds.

VCE Attendance 2018 for Unit 1 & 3

 Please note that the deadline for meeting the 90% attendance requirements in VCE are different for Unit 1 and Unit 3:

  • Students in a Unit 3 subject are required to meet the 90% attendance level by the end of 1 June 2018
  • Students in a Unit 1 subject are required to meet the 90% attendance level by the end of 15 June 2018

All ‘S’ outcomes at VCE are subject to meeting the 90% attendance requirement.

Matthew Daly

Assistant Principal


Notification from the DET re; Unexplained Absences from School

All government schools must contact parents/carers on the same day of an unexplained student absence

From the end of Term 2, all Victorian government schools must contact parents/carers as soon as practicable on the same day of an unexplained student absence.

This requirement supports student safety and wellbeing. Schools need to know when and why a child is absent, and parents/carers need to know if their child is not at school. Prompt communication also promotes daily school attendance.

Parents and carers must notify the school of their child’s absence as soon as possible on the day of absence using the school’s preferred method, including online, by telephone or by email.

 Schools and parents working together

Building positive and collaborative relationships through clear communications with parents/carers is critical to the successful implementation of the same-day notification requirement. 

The responsibility needs to be underpinned by a shared understanding and expectations about the procedures for monitoring, recording and follow-up of student attendance as outlined in the school’s attendance policy. Anybody wishing to know more can contact Matthew Daly by email (

Working in partnership, below sets out the responsibilities of TC and families in helping to co-manage individual student attendance.

The school’s responsibilities:

  • Notify parents/carers

The school must notify parents and carers as soon as practicable on the same day of an unexplained absence. This should occur in the morning to allow time for the parent or carer to respond.

Schools can choose how they advise parents and carers based on their local context – for example by email, push notification via downloaded app, SMS or phone call.

  • Follow-up where required

At times the parent or carer may not be able to be reached because the school does not have their correct contact details. In this instance, the school should attempt to make contact with any emergency contact/s nominated on the child’s file held by the school, where possible, on the same day of the unexplained absence.

  • Record student absences data

Schools are required to record or transpose absence data in CASES21, eCASES or a third-party software that is compatible with CASES21. Schools using third-party software are required to import attendance data into CASES21 each month.

The parent/carer’s responsibilities:

  • Inform the school of the reason for all absences

Reasons for absences can be provided by logging into Compass, calling the school reception (9850-6333) or by emailing the School Attendance Officer, Sjin Kim (

Chicken pox

Please see below information on a confirmed case of Chicken Pox @ TC.


Please find below information on our 2018 College Council

Collection of Student Mobile Numbers

As part of SSDP today we collected all student mobile phone numbers. This is a process that we carry out every year to ensure that we have up to date records. This process is carried out not only for student safety, but mainly so that we are able to communicate with students through SMS should we need to. There is a more in depth explanation contained within the email sent to students, including what we do with the numbers collected and who has access to them. I would like to emphasise that these phone numbers are only accessible by members of staff @ TC, all of whom have signed our Child Safe Code of Conduct. Please encourage your students to complete this online form so that we can continue to collect all students phone numbers.

TC Facebook

A reminder that we have a very active Facebook page. This is one of the best methods for being able to see some of the great things that are happening here @ TC. 

Getting to Know TC Document

Please find below an updated version of the getting to know TC document. This has been updated with new staff to the school for term 2 as well. Please be aware that this is a big file when you download it.

Have a good weekend,


Peter Ellis


Templestowe College